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A Quick Look at Cheese and Beer and Beer and Cheese

IMG_20130407_124037_188Our thanks to Janet Fletcher and her recent best seller, Cheese and Beer, which can be purchased by clicking on the icon at the bottom of this page.

The Lady’s studies continue today and right now she is deep in Cheese and Beer pairings, which scare her a bit as she doesn’t drink beer. The document she is studying at the moment is a quick study in how to pair cheeses and beers. The article was written by our friend, Janet Fletcher.

Here are a few of Janet’s pairings for those of you who prefer beer to wine when enjoying cheese:



Abondance (Alpine-style) Maibock (Malty)
Piave (Hard, Aged cow’s milk) Belgian Tripel (Strong, complex)
Manchego (Aged Sheep’s milk) Oktoberfest (Malty)
Chimay (Washed-Rind) Belgian Golden Ale (Strong, fruity, spicy)
Keen’s Cheddar (Tangy cheddar) American Pale Ale (hoppy)
Cabot Clothbound (Mellow Cheddar) Amber Ale (Balanced or malty)
Beemster XO (Goudas) Allagash Dubbel (Strong malty ales)
Shropshire Blue (Mellow, buttery blues) Belgian Quadupel (Strong, malty)

For more pairings, check out Janet’s book; if you’re into beer and cheese, you’ll love this book.

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