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How the “Mite-y” Has Fallen

Mimolette Slab CutThe past few months have taken a toll on the US lovers of Mimolette. In March of this year, a New Jersey FDA inspector held a shipment of Mimolette due to an “unacceptable” level of cheese mites on the surface of the cheese.

Cheese mites are necessary during the maturation of Mimolette but are brushed away as the cheese ages.

FDA media officer, Pat Hennawy, denied this week that it has “banned” Mimolette from importation into the US: “The FDA does not have any information about specific import refusals, but we can tell you, that, in general, there is no ban on importing Mmimolette cheese into the US.”

Benoit de Vitton, the US rep for French cheese manufacturer, Isigny St. Mere told a French news outlet that since March the FDA has been giving his company a “hard time” in regards to importing Mimolette.

According to The Lady, when the rat-ass bastards in the government (her words, certainly not mine) start giving you a hard time, you might as well throw in the towel… just ask legendary Cheese Queen, Sally Jackson or recently-released from Federal Prison Actor, Wesley Snipes…

The Lady observed cheese mites have appeared in small cracks of Parmigiano-Reggiano when cracked open, possibly a result of falling during the 2012 earthquake that shook  the Parma region of Italy and damaged about 10% of the aging inventory of the King of Cheeses.



2013050995101151The Lady has also seen cheese mites when Bandage-Wrapped Cheddars sit out of refrigeration overnight before cutting.

To quote The Lady, “Mites happen”… and from those who eat and enjoy Casu Marzu… “what’s the big deal?”

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