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Meet Whole Foods ACS CCP, Lora Mazzonna

acs loraThe American Cheese Society is holding its annual conference in Madison, Wisconsin this week and it seemed only fitting to spotlight another ACS Certified Cheese Professional as 200 new Cheese Swells prepare to take the exam this Wednesday:
I am pleased to introduce you to Lora Mazzonna, who works as a Specialty Team Leader for Whole Foods Market in Vancouver, British Columbia:
Growing up in Montreal and being from an Italian background is probably the reason good food has been an important part of my life. Five course Sunday dinners made with scratch ingredients and lots of love was just a normal thing our family did all the time. You don’t realize this until your (non-Italian) friends come over and want to be adopted by my parents.
Shortly after arriving in Vancouver 5 years ago, and seeing an add in a store I really wanted to work in, was like it was meant to be. After working in the Whole Foods cheese department for a couple years, I became a buyer and am now the Team Leader for the Specialty Department which includes Meat and Seafood too.
I have my hands full but I love every day and every cheese!
Here are her responses to my questions:

1. Your perfect pairing: My perfect pairing Burrata and truffle oil. It’s heaven on earth.

2. Your favorite/dream cheese plate: My dream cheese plate includes my other weakness….chocolate!
Brillatt Savarin, Humboldt Fog, Reggiano, Roquefort,  Marcona Almonds, Salted Chocolate Caramels, and nuggets of dark chocolate.
3. Your favorite grilled cheese: Favourite Grilled Cheese: Gruyere, heavy on the carmelized onions and a hint of bacon on rosemary herb bread. (To The Lady… take note – this one sounds amazing…)
4. Tell us one non-cheese fact about you: A non cheese fact: I was always afraid of the dark. I still get spooked sometimes depending on where i am….not afraid of dark chocolate though 🙂
5. If you could have dinner with anyone, alive or historical, who would it be and why? If I could invite anyone to dinner, it would be my Italian grandmother. She died just as I was born so I never got to meet her. 
We thank Lora for taking the time. The Lady hopes to see you in Madison…
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