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ACS Winners’ Circle

The Cellars at Jasper Hill's Willoughby

Vermont Cheese Plate with Cellars at Jasper Hill’s Willoughby

The Lady attended the Cheese Oscars last night and below are just a few of the winners whom we love and love their cheeses. For a complete list of winners, visit the ACS:

(** Indicates we have interviewed this winner – just click on his or her name to read the interview!!!)

David Gremmels** and Cary Bryant of Rogue Creamery: Echo Mountain, Caveman Blue, Rogue River Blue, Smokey Blue

Kurt Dammeier** and Beecher’s Handmade Cheese: Marco Polo Reserve, Flagsheep, Yule Kase

Pat Morford and Rivers Edge Chevre: Rivers Edge Chevre Beltane

Sid Cook** and Carr Valley Cheese: Colored Curd, Monterey Jack, Bandage Billy, Cave Aged Mellage, Goat Cheddar, Virgin Pine Native Sheep Blue, Hot Pepper Jack, Airco, Smoked Ba Ba Blue, Fresh Marisa

Bob Stetson** and Westfield Farm: Bluebonnet, Classic Blue Log, Habbardston Blue Cow, Wasabi Capri, Smoked Capri, Plain Capri

Allison Hooper and Vermont Butter Cheese and Creamery: Bonne Bouche, Coupole, Creme Fraiche, Mascarpone, Cultured Butter with Sea Salt and Maple

Sarah Marcus and Briar Rose Creamery: Classic Chevre

Rod Vobeda and Willamette Valley Cheese Company: Cumin Gouda

Jeff Jirik and the Caves of Fairbault: Amablue St. Pete’s Select Blue Cheese

Gaetano Auricchio and BelGioioso: Mascarpone, Ricotta con Latte, Burrata,

Jim Sartori**, Mike Matucheski, Larry Steckbauer and Sartori: Sartori Reserve Espresso Bellavitano, Extra-Aged Goat Cheddar, Cannella Bellavitano,

Mateo and Andy Kehler and The Cellars at Jasper Hill Farm: Harbison, Cabot Clothbound, Winnimere (Best of Show), Landaff, Willoughby

Matt Willey** and Sweet Grass Dairy: Green Hill

Brad Sinko and Face Rock Creamery: Vampire Slayer Curds

Andy Hatch and Uplands Cheese: Pleasant Ridge Reserve

Mary Keehn** and Cypress Grove Chevre: Bermuda Triangle, Humboldt Fog Grande, Purple Haze, Ms. Natural,

Tillamook County Creamery Association: Colby, Medium Cheddar, Vintage White Extra Sharp 3 Year Cheddar, Light Fat Free Marionberry Yogurt, Premium Sour Cream, Natural Sour Cream, Salted Sweet Cream Butter,

Emmi Roth: Roth Petite Swiss, Grand Cru Reserve, Gran Queso, Grand Queso Reserve, Gran Queso Double Aged, Reduced Fat Havarti, Havarti with Dill,

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