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Spaulding’s Interview with Cheesemonger Chad Farmer

chadBefore leaving us, Spaulding had completed a handful of interviews with CheeseMongers as part of our “2013: Year of the CheeseMonger” series. On his behalf, I will finish posting them. Today’s interview is with my cheese friend, Chad Farmer, who is part of the Murray’s Cheese Set-Up Team for Kroger… he does the same thing I do, only in other areas of the country.

Here, in its entirety is Spaulding’s interview with Chad:

 1.)    What is your favorite/Perfect Pairing?

There are literally thousands of perfect pairings for me!  Anything that puts Chad and Cheese together is a match made in cheesy heaven!  My perfect Pairing/Night, however, would be a nice bottle of sweet wine, (Yes an entire bottle, do not judge!), La Tur, (Because there are days that I just fancy myself that much!), a small dash of Cherry Fennel Preserves, (notice my sweet tooth obsession?) on warm French bread.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it!  Combine those items with a marathon of Law & Order: SUV and I’m in complete cheesy overdrive!!!

2.)     Build us your dream cheese plate?

This has to consist of my favorites which include La Tur, Merlot Bellavintano, Murray’s Estate Gouda, Manchego, and Drunken Goat, (which is a name of a cheese and NOT what my mother calls me!)   Add some Honey for the Manchego and some toasted almonds as a side to the Drunken Goat and YUMMMMMY!!!!!  Of course my Dream Cheese Plate would consist of giant wedges of each and I would never have to share it! EVER!!

3.)    What’s your favorite grilled cheese?

This is such a difficult question for me.  I literally had to ask myself what my nephews and nieces would love.  For Grilled Cheese Sandwiches to be great, they must be simple.  It’s that simplistic notion that takes me back to my childhood!  So with that, I would have to say, white bread drenched in butter with Dutch Block Gouda, topped off with sundried tomatoes!  I can totally picture myself with the kids at a picnic table eating a plate full of grilled cheese!  GOOD TIMES!

4.)    Tell us a Non-Cheese fact about yourself?

I have never announced this in public.  It has taken me years to come to terms with this but I do want to come out of the closet and proudly announce to the world that I am a Trekkie!  That’s right!!  Captain Kirk, Spock, Khan, Data, Katherine Janeway!!!  I have seen every episode and I know every species from Vulcan to Species 8472.  I have seen every episode, movie, and cartoon and I continue to watch them now.  I count down the days to each Trek Movie and I have even dressed up on occasion as my favorite Vulcan Ambassador!  I have even held in my own hand a duplicate of the Borg Queen Skull and spinal column!   I feel so much better now!

(Spaulding: But we don’t… Vulcan Ambassador… seriously???)

5.)    If you could have dinner with any famous person, alive or historic, who would it be and why?

Anderson Cooper!  CNN correspondent and host of Anderson and Anderson 360!  I have watched Anderson Cooper since I was in high school when he started out as a young journalist for Channel One News.  I have read his book a total of three times and I always wanted to be that person that got to travel the world and see history in the making!  I would love to pick his brain and serve him a cheese plate!  I can picture it now… Anderson, Brie, Stilton, and I, meet in a war torn Bosnian village talking social politics and world events.

Thanks, Chad, for taking the time…

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