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Moon Cheese Debuts in the Pacific Northwest


On Spaulding’s unfinished “To Do” list was a cryptic note that simply said “Moon Cheese”… for weeks The Man and I puzzled over this note. Was the Feline Foodie pondering if the moon was really made of cheese; was he thinking of introducing cheese at an unknown-to-man colony on the moon of felines he knew; had The Brain requested cheese be brought home to the Mother Ship… so many questions???

Then, out of the blue (nice choice of words, right?)… my cheese friend, Anna, dropped by to bring me samples of a new product she reps… Moon Cheese… how did that rascally cat know and I didn’t???

When teaching cheese classes, I often talk about “dry matter”, that part of cheese left when all of the moisture is removed. Moon Cheese is exactly that, morsels of cheese that contain no moisture, just intense flavor… to quote Spaulding, “Holy Smokes!! This is tasty cheese!!”

According to their website, the producers “crunchify” cheese (a cute way of saying they suck all the moisture out) to make this 100% cheese, 100% natural snack that is both Gluten free and Lactose free… it’s “just cheese” and being “just cheese” is also “just perfect”. For cheese geeks, this is a snack that can go with us anywhere and most likely will be going on airplanes when I travel.

These morsels that look like moon rocks are crunchy when you pop them into your mouth and immediately melt and become creamy… just like cheese…

There are three flavors and The Man and I tasted all three:

The Cheddar is bright and robust, exactly how we like our cheddar cheese.

The Gouda is full-flavored and reminded us of Maple Leaf’s Red Wax Gouda, a young, creamy Gouda with lots of flavor.

The Pepper Jack is made with Monterey Jack and Jalapenos; enough jalapenos to make it interesting but not too much to overwhelm the snack.

Kids are going to love these babies… but I gotta tell you… The Man was swooning. The bowl is sitting on his desk at the moment and every time I reach over, he moves the bowl just out of my reach… The Cat was right… The Man doesn’t like to share… (Thank goodness I was caught in traffic Friday and ate most of the Cheddar flavor on my way home, which accounts for the small amount of the Cheddar in the bowl…I just couldn’t stop snacking on them…)

If our dear Feline Foodie were here, he would be saying, “I give Moon Cheese 4 Paws out of 4 Paws (cause that’s all I’ve got).”

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FTC Full Disclosure – The manufacturer or representative sent me samples, hoping I would review their product. For more information regarding our reviews of product, please visit our “About Me” page.

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