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The JFK Conspiracies (A Cold Case Investigation)

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Peter Wright’s new book about the life and death of JFK is now available for sale on Updated 12/13/2013 with more information about this major breakthrough about the Kennedy Assassination…

“When Sam Giancana, the Mafia’s Boss of all Bosses, confessed to his brother Chuck that he had planned the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, he put to rest forever the question of whether the attack was carried out by a lone assassin or a conspiracy. In fact he pointed to two conspiracies existing side by side in order to accomplish that dark plot; one to finance the operation (each shooter received $50,000 for his help on that fateful November day); and his own efforts to plot JFK’s execution which sadly he did very well. He finished by saying, “A four year old could’ve nailed Jack Kennedy.”  However when he uttered those unfeeling words which he only intended to be a mere brag on his part, he actually raised a new question:  Why was it so easy to kill the most powerful man in the world? The man who had the newest, smartest, and toughest protection the world of 1963 could put at the President’s disposal? The Secret Service was all over the trip to Dallas. So were the FBI and the CIA, somewhat grudgingly to be sure, but their presence was felt in Dallas just the same. Sam’s remark suggested there might be a third conspiracy at work; a conspiracy that no one, not even Sam, knew existed. No hint of it ever surfaced during the years of investigations that followed. Even now we can only know one fact about it. It had to be formed by men who walked the highest halls of the Capitol and the White House freely; men who would never be suspected of the havoc they were planning to cause in Dallas. Who had that kind of power in the government? Two names have been found. Without their help the assassination of President Kennedy could not have happened. After you have read this book you’ll know the whole story.”

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