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A Pina Colada Party in Your Mouth

20141001_175552-001Recently a wedge of Kokos Coconut Gouda came my way.

Made with cow’s milk and organic coconut cream, this gouda is delightful and a fun, flavorful cheese. It’s nutty and sweet; it’s creamy and finish well with the hopes that there is more to come.

I paired it with Kelly’s Jelly’s Pine-a-peno Pepper Jam, made with pineapple and jalapenos, and bam… spicy pina colada party going on in my mouth. The Man swooned and while not a seldom occurence around The Manse, it is a testament to the enjoyment he found in this cheese. 

Many of my more traditional (think: stuffy) cheese friends look down on flavored cheese and all I can say is “more for the rest of us”.

I give Kokos 3 Paws but paired with the Pine-a-peno, you’ve got a 4 Paw tasting. Add a few grapes and some 34° Natural Crispsbreads and that’s all you need.

This cheese is Vegetarian-Suitable and made with pasteurized milk. Imported by Cheeseland.

You can buy kokos via my amazon cheese shop.

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