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Salt Spring Island Fresh Flower Chevre… Hello, Gorgeous…



UPDATED: 2/12/2015: You can win a Four-Pack of Valley Fig’s Orchard Choice Fig Spreads which I paired with this lovely chevre. Please enter below. 

Last month while visiting Vancouver’s local cheese shops (in Washington State), at Chuck’s Produce I discovered some gorgeous chevres from British Columbia’s Salt Spring Island Cheese. I think all cheese is beautiful; the way many view a Monet… looking at these chevres made me swoon… I got all weak-kneed, the way I did the first time I saw Robert Redford in Inside Daisy Clover.

These little upside-down cups of chevre are topped (or bottomed as they are filled) with various herbs, spices and flowers; one was topped with a tapenade and another with truffle spread. I had trouble deciding which one to buy. I chose the edible flower-topped one. Why you ask? It was the prettiest… as good a reason as any…

After buying and before tasting, I posted a picture on Instagram and immediately got comments that this chevre is not just another pretty face; Salt Spring Island Cheese has more than a few loyal fans.

And they are right… The Man and I had the Flower Chevre one evening with Anna’s Ginger Cookies, Oregon Growers’ Wildflower Honey and Valley Fig Growers‘ Orchard Choice California Fig/Orange Spread*... this time The Man swooned…20150105_171357

Once you get past its beauty… not that you should… the taste is clean, mild and tart with citrus notes plus just enough goat to make it interesting. The flower adds elegance but I didn’t discern any taste from the posie… remember, it was the flower that roped me in…

When you add in the sweetness of the ginger cookies and top it with a few drops of honey or a schmear of the organic fig/orange spread… holy smokes… it’s chevre heaven.

The Man and I will go savory next with the tapenade… we stopped in Chuck’s this morning but sadly they were sold out of the chevres… soon… very soon…

Made with pasteurized goat milk. I left a message at the dairy to find out the type rennet used. Once I hear back from them, I will post the answer.

I give Salt Spring Island Flower Chevre 4 Paws… soooo good…

Serving Suggestions: We went sweet; you could go savory. You could also enjoy the chevre naked; not you, the cheese.

Wine Pairing: I would suggest a Sauvignon Blanc to accompany the crisp, clean notes of the cheese.

*The Orchard Choice Orange/Fig Spread was in the goodie bag received at the 2014 ACS Conference in Sacramento.


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