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Three Generations of Georgia’s “Chicken Log”

I know what you’re thinking…the same thing I was thinking when I first heard “Chicken Log”… what the heck is a chicken log???

I visited the website and read about the Chicken Log and began to understand the product. When I bought a container at Market 50 in Hartwell, Georgia… I finally “got it”.

Let me beMarket50-logobrand-200gin with Market 50 in downtown Hartwell. It’s an interesting specialty food shop owned by the local Mennonites. Much of their product is bulk they package in-store and sell by the pound, including some hard-to-find flours, grains, spices and an entire corner of candy, nuts and dried fruits.

There is a small deli case where you can buy cut-to-order meats and cheeses from Troyer Cheese  whose cheeses and meats are made in the Amish Country of Ohio (they will make sandwiches for you to enjoy in their seating area). Market 50 also carries my favorite local honey from Blue Haven Bee Company. When you’re in the Hartwell area, stop in and check out the shop; more gourmet foods than you will find in most area grocery stores.

Cindy Fulghum, Creator of Three Generations of Georgia's "Chicken Log"

Cindy Fulghum, Creator of Three Generations of Georgia’s “Chicken Log”

Now back to the Chicken Log. Think of it as a cheese log with chicken or a smashed cheese ball with chicken. For those of you still having trouble wrapping your mind around the concept, it’s a dense, drier chicken salad without the pickle relish. Dense enough to sit nicely on a Ritz Cracker, which is how its creator, Cindy Fulghum, recommended I taste it. Keeping a “Southern Theme”, I think if you add a jar of pimentos, you’ve got a new twist on Pimento Cheese. I plan to toss the remainder of my container into mac n cheese… comfort food meets comfort food…

As with many specialty food items, Chicken Log started at home. For thirty-five years Cindy made her Chicken Log for church events, family events and friends. In 2012, she entered the Flavor of Georgia Food Event and not only did her Chicken Log become a finalist, it won the coveted “People’s Choice Award”.

20150425_180738The ingredients are simple: cream cheese, chopped chicken breast (from Georgia, of course) and onions. Then she rolls it in Georgia pecans. Some fans call it “Heaven on a cracker”. Half of the container, “sitting on a Ritz”, became my dinner last night. Satisfying and tasty.

In addition to Market 50, you can find Cindy’s Chicken Log at select Kroger Stores. Cindy loves to interact with her customers and you’ll find her out “spreading” her tasty “Chicken Log”. Visit her website for more information about the Chicken Log and where you can find Cindy tempting you with samples…

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