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It’s American Cheese Month: Sierra Nevada Organic Jack Paired with Orchard Choice Organic Fig Spread

20151010_165509October is American Cheese Month; a month-long celebration to shine the light on the great, artisan cheeses made here in the USA. It’s sponsored by the American Cheese Society and with each year more and more companies are joining the celebration. The Valley Fig Growers of California have teamed with four California Artisan Cheese Makers to feature cheese and fig spread pairings. I was fortunate enough to be one of the websites chosen to receive a care package from them that included four cheeses and four different Orchard Choice Fig Spreads to pair and enjoy. (Also included was a slate cheese board, a stainless cheese knife and a carry case.

My first pairing was Sierra Nevada Cheese’s Organic Traditional Jack and Orchard Choice’s California Organic Fig Spread.

The creamy Jack with its mild lactic taste and smooth texture is the perfect cheese for the fig spread. The fig spread, of which I am a big fan, is sweet, exploding with rich fig flavor and sits on top of the Jack to create a visually pleasing morsel that cries out, “Eat me; savor me; enjoy the moment!!”

If you want to make it even more enjoyable, add a glass of bubbly “J” from the Napa Valley Winery. “J” is a personal, sentimental favorite of The Man and me.

20151010_165027Be sure and visit Sierra Nevada’s Website; Like them on Facebook; visit Valley Fig Growers Website and Like them on Facebook.

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FTC Disclosure: The manufacturer sent me these cheeses and fig spreads, without any obligation on my part, hoping I would review the product. Please see my About Me Page for details.

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