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Marin French Cheese Triple Creme with Orchard Choice Balsamic Pepper Fig Spread

20151024_204938I’d like to apologize for being remiss in posting… life continues to interrupt my plans…with continued thanks to John Lennon…

As mentioned before, the good folks at California Valley Fig Growers graciously sent me four jars of their splendid fig spreads to be paired with four California Artisan Cheeses. I previously posted my pairing of Sierra Nevada Organic Jack with Organic Fig spread. My mom and The Man both swooned then and when I treated them to Marin French’s Triple Creme with the Balsamic Pepper Spread… well, we had another embarrassing swoon fest… mom, whose appetite has waned somewhat lately actually asked for seconds and then thirds…which I happily accommodated…

20151024_202527I served the Triple Creme and Fig Spread simply on Anna’s Ginger Cookies and on homemade banana bread I made from a recipe I found in one of my Cook’s Illustrated (you “cook” the bananas for a few minutes to release their juice – I never realized bananas had juice… well they do). (BTW, if you only want to subscribe to one recipe magazine, I recommend Cook’s… however, I subscribe to several… while I use the internet mostly, I still like hard copy magazines… call me “old school”…)

This spread may be my favorite of the four; the acidity of the balsamic vinegar with the mild fire of the pepper compliment the sugary luscious figs. Although, next week, it may be the port spread… I’m kind of fickled and my “favorites” tend to be the last one I tasted… they’re all that good…

20151024_203243As for Marin French Triple Creme, you can never go wrong with a cheese that has “triple creme” in its name… “Triple Creme” indicates a minimum of 75% butterfat in the dry matter. However, don’t be wary, by nature bries and other young cheeses tend to have a high moisture content and the dry matter is what is left after you remove the moisture. Interestingly, Parmigiano Reggiano may have more fat content than many bries because as the cheese ages, the moisture content goes down, leaving the fat… This cheese is velvety and lactic, making it a perfect palate for the Balsamic Pepper Fig Spread.

I will be writing about the other pairings in the coming weeks: Laura Chenel Chevre with the Original Fig Spread and Point Reyes Original Blue with the Port Fig Spread… as you plan you holiday cheese platters, be sure you include some Fig Spread… cheese and fig spread is like a party in your mouth.20151024_201459

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FTC Disclosure: The manufacturer sent me these cheeses and fig spreads, without any obligation on my part, hoping I would review the product. Please see my About Me Page for details.

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