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Cello Whisps, Parmesan Crisps… Oh, So Addictive

Whisos, Cello Parm Crisps

Whisps, Cello Parm Crisps

Wandering around the Greenville Costco recently, one of the samples offered was small round disks of heaven… Cello “Whisps”… 100% Cello Copper Kettle Parmesan. I always brake for cheese and most anything made using cheese… so… of course I stopped and sampled… and ended up bringing home three bags and addicting my mom to these tasty little treats. Hey!! What’s a daughter to do???

Snacks that have only one ingredient are the best, especially when that one ingredient is cheese.

Nutty and slightly salty, it’s hard not to eat the entire bag in one sitting… a serving size is fifteen crisps (18 grams – less than one ounce) with 100 calories (80 fat calories). An excellent source of calcium and protein, while you’re indulging, you don’t need to feel guilty… unless you eat the whole bag… but that’s less guilt than had you eaten an entire bag of potato chips… am I right?

Whisps, the no-guilt snack

Whisps, the no-guilt snack

I make “Kitchen Sink”** salads for dinner and throw a handful of these on top and mix them in. Mom asks for more of the crisps for her salad and now asks for a handful a couple of times each day… three bags full… may not be enough.

The bag recommends eating within nine days of opening the bag… like they’ll last that long…

For more information and where you can find Cello Whisps, visit their website.

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**Kitchen Sink salads can include just about anything I find in the fridge from nuts to grapes to artichoke hearts to banana chips plus fresh greens and veggies from my CSA Farmer.

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