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Increase Your Cheese IQ – 2016 Bullet Points – Moving Cheese Out The Door (Merchandising and Marketing)

Chelsea Faris, ACS CCP

Chelsea Faris, ACS CCP

As always, start with the American Cheese Society Body of Knowledge as your guide and work from there with all the other tools that you can find. Be sure and also refer to my 2015 Bullet points.

Getting Cheese Out the Door:

  • Obtaining/providing romance and product information to share with retail customer.
  • Education: provide basic and helpful info to retailer to help them sell the product. Provide samples to retailers to assist them in the enthusiasm area.
    • Read industry magazines; participate in industry organizations such as ACS and social media groups.
    • Daily sampling of cheeses. Murray’s requires all employees to taste a minimum of 3 different cheeses every day.
    • Know your competition.
    • Use social media to promote special demos, etc.
    • Sampling
      • Always offer every customer a sample
      • Passive vs. active sampling
      • % of sampling costs to sales
      • Knowing best times to stage demos based on customer flow
    • Cheese Wraps – Know Best to use for different settings: shipping, displaying, retail, at-hone storage; style of cheese
    • Preventing mold; controlling mold; eliminating mold
    • Rind cleaning techniques
    • Cutting by styles
    • Labeling
      • Regulatory requirements
      • Allergy alerts
      • Certifications (Animal Welfare, Kosher, etc.)
      • Type milk
      • Raw or pasteurized
      • Romance (Local, Grass-fed or pasture-grazed, etc., awards)
    • Signage
      Candy, Murrays Cheese Monger

      Candy, Murrays Cheese Monger

      • Price
      • Milk type
      • Vegetarian suitable
      • Raw or pasteurized milk
      • Romance
    • Schematics
      • Families
      • Countries
      • Type of milk
    • Storing/displaying cheese at room temperature
      • pH
      • Water Activity
    • Profits:
      • Margin calculations
      • Mark-up calculations
      • Waste calculation and control
      • Calculating shelf life by styles of cheese and local regs

Interviews with Cheese Professionals continue through 2016… sometimes, as “stand-alone” interviews and sometimes as round-table discussions with several Pros answering the same question. Those participating include CheesemakersACS CCPs™,Cheesemongers and Cheese Experts who contribute to this Wonderful World we call “Cheese”.

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