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Increase Your Cheese IQ: Culture Magazine Cheese Library Top Cheese Links

EkfJsoov_400x400Culture Magazine’s Cheese Library is one of the best I have found on the internet. (Cowgirl Creamery, and Murray’s Cheese libraries are also impressive.) The library includes the best known and beloved cheeses and many small-batch, obscure and sometimes, hard-to-find cheeses.

As you increase your cheese IQ, it’s important to know certain facts about many cheeses, not only to pass exams, but also to help when introducing customers to a cheese that is “new” to them. Customers love to share the “romance” with their friends. One of my favorite bits of romance is about Stilton… “Did you know that Stilton cheese cannot legally be made in the village of Stilton, the very village whose name it bears?”

When studying, the basics you need to know about each cheese include: Name, Country of Origin and European Protection Status, Milk Type, Raw or Pasteurized, Rennet Type, General Family (Classification), Aging Process and length, Rind and other specific facts that set it apart from similar cheeses.

Abondance    Amablu St. Pete’s Select    American Grana    Appalachian    Appenzeller    Asher Blue    Asiago d’Allevo    Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar

Banon    Barber’s 1833 Vintage Cheddar    Barely Buzzed    Bayley Hazen Blue    Bear Hill    Beaufort    BellaVitano Gold    Bent River Camembert    Bleu d’Auvergne    Bleu Mont Bandaged Cheddar    Bonne Buche    Bossa    Brie de Melun    Brie de Meaux    Brillat Savarin    Bucheron    Burrata

Zingerman's Cheese Display

Zingerman’s Cheese Display

Cabecou de Rocamadour    Cabot Clothbound Cheddar    Cabrales    Caerphilly    Calcagno    Camembert de Normandie    Cantal Laguiole    Capricious    Caveman Blue    Chabichou du Poitou    Charolais    Cheshire    Chevre (Vermont Creamery)    Comte    Constant Bliss    Cotija

Dinah    Driftless    Dry Jack    Durrus    Elberton Blue    Emmentaler    Evalon    Epoisses    Flagship    Fontina Val d’Aosta    Fourme d’Ambert

Gorgonzola Dolce    Gorgonzola Piccante    Gouda    Gran Canaria    Grana Padano    Grayson    Greensward    Gruyere    Gruyere (1655 Le Cret)

Harbison    Hooligan    Hudson Red    Humboldt Fog    Ibores    Idiazabal    Jarlsberg    Landaff    Langres    Leonora    Lincolnshire Poacher    Little Bloom on the Prairie

Mahon    Manchego    Marisa    Maroilles    Mimolette    Montcabrer    Moses Sleeper    Mozzarella    Mt. Tam    Munster-Gerome    Nancy’s Hudson Valley Camembert    O’Banon    Ossau Iraty

Parmigiano Reggiano    Pecorino Di Pienza    Pecorino Toscano    Piave    Pleasant Ridge Reserve    Point Reyes Bay Blue    Pont l’Eveque    Prairie Tomme    Provolone

Raclette    Reading    Red Hawk    Roaring Forties    Robiola della Alta Langa    Rogue River Blue    Roncal    Roquefort    Roth Grand Cru Surchoix    Rupert

Saint Marcellin    Salers    San Andreas    Selles-sur-Cher    Shropshire Blue    Sprout Creek Farm Eden    St. Agur    St. Maure de Touraine    St. Nectaire    Stichelton    Stilton

Books to Read

Books to Read

Taleggio Valsassina    Tarentaise (Spring Brook)    Thomasville Tomme    Tomme de Savoie    Vacherin Fribourgeois    Vacherin Mont d’Or    Vermont Shepherd    Wabash Cannonball    Winnimere    Zamorano    Ziege Zacke Blue

Here are a few other cheeses you should know that are not currently in the Culture Magazine Library. I have found other links that give you the basics for each cheese:

Barden Blue    Boerenkaas    Challerhocker    Condor’s Run    Ewephoria    Feta    Fium ‘Orbu    Garretts Ferry    Green Hill    Halloumi    Hannah    Hubbardston Blue    Island Brebis    Jeffs’ Select Gouda    Kunick    Lake’s Edge    Lancashire    Le Cendrillon    L’Etivaz    Limberger    Lindsay Bandaged Cheddar    Melville    Mozzarella di Bufala    Myzithra    Oakdale Aged Gouda    Podda Classico    Prairie Breeze    West Country Farmhouse Cheddar     Zimbro

My lists of 281 cheeses you should know and 165 more cheeses you should know are reference charts to assist your studies. Be sure and check out my list of 249 raw milk cheeses and 180 vegetarian-suitable cheeses. I also created an up-to-date list of EU Protected Cheeses.

Interviews with Cheese Professionals continue through 2016… sometimes, as “stand-alone” interviews and sometimes as round-table discussions with several Pros answering the same question. Those participating include CheesemakersACS CCPs™,Cheesemongers and Cheese Experts who contribute to this Wonderful World we call “Cheese”.

List of all Interviews from 2013: Cheesemakers,Cheesemongers.

List of 2015-16 Cheese Professionals.

List of all Cheese Professionals Bios.

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