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Chicken and Apple Tart with Apple Yogurt Cream Sauce

Chicken Apple Tart with Apple Cream Sauce

Chicken Apple Tart with Apple Cream Sauce

While wandering around Pinterest earlier this week to try to drown out the political madness playing in the background, I came across a Chicken with an Apple Cream Sauce pin/recipe.

First, I love chicken; second, I had just bought a bag of Organic Granny Smiths and third, I’ve been playing around (unsuccessfully) with making tarts… although the recipe had nothing to do with tarts… the recipe got me to thinking… (I should have taken more pictures, but my earlier tart attempts did not turnout to be photogenic…)

There are a lot of ingredients but the recipe is quite easy to assemble and the tart turned out to be yummy, healthy and easy.



1 Sheet of Frozen Puff Pastry, thawed (half of a pre-packaged box) and cut into 4 squares

2 Slices Uncured Bacon – chopped and cooked to crisp

1 Tbls. Kerrygold Butter, melted

1 Roasted Organic Chicken Breast – Chopped

1 Roasted Organic Chicken Thigh – Chopped

1/2 Organic Granny Smith Apple – cored; half thinly sliced

4 Ounces Facerock Creamery Clothbound Cheddar – shredded

1/2 Cup Georgia Pecans, toasted


1 Tbls. Kerrygold Butter

1 Tbls. EVOO

1 Tbls. Chives, Chopped

1/2 Organic Granny Smith Apple – cored; peeled and chopped

1/2 Cup Water

3/4 Cup Organic Apple Juice

1/2 Cup Greek Yogurt

1/2 Cup Heavy Cream

1 Tbls. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

2 Tbls. Blue Haven Sourwood Honey

Salt and Pepper to taste

Egg Wash:

1 Egg

1 Tbls. Water



Thaw puff pastry and cut into four squares. Cut bacon into small pieces and cook until crisp and set aside.

Paint each square of pastry with melted butter.

Start with chopped chicken in the center of the square; add two or three slices of apple; top with bacon, pecans and cheddar. Fold points into a pocket (I used toothpicks to ensure the points stayed together).


Melt butter and add EVOO.

Saute chives in butter/EVOO.

Add chopped apple and saute to soften up a bit.

Add water and apple juice and cook over medium-high heat and reduce to half.

Reduce heat to medium low and add cream and yogurt (if heat is too high the yogurt will curdle).

Stir and cook until consistency is thick enough for a sauce.

Add honey and vinegar and stir to incorporate. Keep warm.


Whisk egg and water together. Coat tarts with egg wash and bake 15-20 minutes at 400°F until golden brown.

Top with cream sauce and serve.

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