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Food Trends for 2017 – My Favorite Trend – Habanero Jams

Yesterday, Specialty Foods News released an email with links to several articles about 2017 food trends. The articles interviewed Chefs, Dietitians and Whole Foods Markets. Included in the trends were ancient grains, green tea, less processed foods and more whole foods like veggies and fruits, street-inspired foods, new cuts of meat, ramen and my personal favorites: artisan cheese and habanero jams.

As many of you know, I am the National Ambassador for Kelly’s Jellies which has won many awards for our Habanero Jelly, including Good Food Awards in 2012 and 2016… so one could say I am prejudiced in reviewing these trends… and that would be correct. But all of our jellies and preserves are damned good and good for you with all natural ingredients, locally sourced ingredients, verified non-GMO and always made in small batches.

Long before I became National Ambassador, I was a huge fan of Kelly’s Jelly and first reviewed the Habanero Jelly in 2012 and we met at the DPI Specialty Food Show in 2014 and became friends. I have used our jellies in making salad dressings, thumbprint shortbread cookies and as the Perfect Complement on many cheese platters.

Thumbprint cookies with Kelly’s Jelly

Our line of Habanero Jellies include our Good Food Winner Habanero plus Strawberry Habanero and Marionberry Habanero and Pineapple Jalapeno. Our all natural preserves include Oregon Strawberry, Marionberry, Tayberry and Blueberry Lemon and available this time of year Cranberry Vanilla, which makes The Man swoon… I had to order a full case of the Cranberry Vanilla to calm him down… he feared running out before next season…

Kelly’s Jelly is available throughout the Pacific Northwest at QFC, Whole Foods Markets and Fred Meyer; in the Bay area you can find us in Nuggets Markets and other select locations throughout the US. You can also order directly from our website. If you are a retailer and would like samples, please send me an email (you can find my email address of my About Me page).

You can read the entire 2017 Food Trend articles and lists: Dietitians Predict 2017 Food Trends, Chefs’ Menu Trends for 2017 and Whole Foods Markets 2017 Food Trends.

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