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Cheese of the Day: April 5 – Trivium Goat Cheddar

ACS CCP® Elizabeth Nerud presents Trivium a cheddar made in Wisconsin and aged in Brooklyn:

Good Morning Cheese people! Today we turn our attention to the remarkable Trivium, a goat’s milk, natural rinded cheddar, made in Wisconsin and transported to Crown Finish Caves in Brooklyn, New York for affinage. It is pasteurized and uses vegetarian rennet. It is delicious, not as tangy as a traditional cheddar, but gorgeous goaty sweetness, a caramel finish and rich earth from the cave. I present to you several blogs which have given attention to Trivium, describing the provenance and vision of this cheese. They do a great job of telling the story, which is an unfinished one. Janet Fletcher’s blog hints at a change in production venue to Missouri, but I have been unable to confirm if that has happened. As always with newer artisan cheeses, we can expect flavors and textures to be tweaked and refined. Here we learn about that process, and the people and places involved.

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Applications must be submitted by 5pm April 15th.

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