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Cheese of the Day: May 3 – Providence from Goat Lady Dairy

Wednesday Goat Cheese of the Day Presented by ACS CCP® Elizabeth Nerud:

It is always a pleasant exercise to conjure up the cheese that will be my focus on Cheese of the Day Wednesday edition. I have chosen Providence from Goat Lady Dairy, a tallegio-style goat’s milk cheese, which won a blue ribbon at the ACS competition last summer in Des Moines. It is a lovely table cheese, perfect for serving Spanish-style with membrillo, olives and cured meats. Quoting Gordon Zola Edgar from the website, “PROVIDENCE is a very complex goat cheese with amazing sweet caramel notes, depth of flavor, and wonderful texture…it stands out among all the goat cheeses I have tasted in the last 22 years.” Pretty nice review! Their fresh chevre, Roasted Red Pepper, also won first place in its category. Smokey Mountain Round won third place recognition.

It was very edifying to study up on Goat Lady Dairy, a farm of rich heritage, from Randolph County in the North Carolina Piedmont. The farm’s story is one of connecting good care of the land, good care of the animals, and creating delicious cheeses and food experiences, all the things we love to learn about and represent in our industry. The videos below illustrate the vision of Ginnie Tate, the original Goat Lady. She has since passed away, but her brother and sister-in-law Steve and Lee Tate are dedicated to preserving and deepening that legacy. I came away filled with admiration and appreciation for their hard work. Also shout out to Alexander J Kast! You do good work!

Congratulations to our 2017 ACS CCP Exam and Conference Winners: Kelley Jewell, Tyler Frankenberg, ACS CCP® Hazel-Rue Woodies and ACS CCP® Matt Bellingham. Thanks to the generous donations from cheese lovers everywhere, we are thrilled to send these four worthy recipients to Denver this July!!! You can read all the details here.

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