CSG Bibliography for Domain 3 – Cheese Ripening (Affinage) – Marcella The Cheesemonger International Guilde des Fromagers
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CSG Bibliography for Domain 3 – Cheese Ripening (Affinage)

CSG Bibliography for Domain 3 – Cheese Ripening (Affinage)

American Cheese Society Body of Knowledge – Body of Knowledge – Domain 3

Pat Polowsky ACS CCP® Cheese Science Toolkit tutorials:


Cheese with Eyes




Grainy Grana

Texture Basics

Brie Texture

Flavor Wheel

Flavor Basics

Cheese Crystals

Researchgate Link: Website for all kinds of research, including Cheese

Marcella Wright ACS CCP® 2015 Bullet Points for ACS BOK Domain 3

Marcella Wright ACS CCP® 2016 Expanded Bullet Points for ACS BOK Domain 3

Articles Posted during ACS BOK Domain3 Review from Sheri Allen ACS CCP® and Erin Clancy ACS CCP®

Mary Quicke Article re Cheese Mites

Natural History of Cheese Mites

Tiny Mites Spark Big Battle Over Imports of French Cheese

The Small Scale Cheese Business

CDC Article on Listeria

Food Safety Article re Listeria

ACS Article re FDA Vulto Creamery Report

Big Cheese Stories: Zoe Brickley

The Science and Art of Cheese: Affinage

Ripening Processes: Chemical and Physical Changes ( U of Guelph Canada)

Wikipedia: Cheese Ripening

American Farmstead Cheese: pH and Affinage

Gianaclis Caldwell – pH and Acid in Cheesemaking

Comte Video on Ripening

Microbial Foods – The science of fermented foods

Why do Rinds Form?

Janet Fletcher’s Cheese Rinds 101


Articles in File Section:


Current_Options_in_Cheese_Aging_Caves-_An_ Evaluation,_Comparison_and_Feasibility_Study.pdf

study-of-haccp-implementation-in-milk-processing-plant-at-khyber-agro-pvtltd-in-jammu–kashmir-2157-7110-1000610 2.pdf

            study-of-haccp-implementation-in-milk-processing-plant-at-khyber-agro-pvtltd-in-jammu–kashmir-2157-7110-1000610 2.pdf

HAACP Plan for small-scale cheese plant.pdf


CCP Flashcards 2013 (1).xlsm

            effects of pH on early cheese maturation.pdf


2016 CheeseCycloPedia 3.2.pdf


Wooden boards in cheese aging.docx

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