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50 Cheeses You Must Know

In the past, I compiled two lists of cheeses you need to know: 281 Cheeses You Need to Know and 165 More Cheeses You Should Know. With the assistance and input of the Administrators of the FB Cheese Study Group, I compiled this list of the 50 Cheeses every Cheesemonger and Cheese Enthusiast MUST know. Many are iconic; many can be found at every respectable cheese shops around the world and many represent moments in the history of cheese.

Name Country Milk Style
Abbaye de Belloc** France Cow Washed Rind
Abondance France Cow Alpine
Asiago Italy Cow Natural Rind
Beaufort France Cow Alpine
Bleu d’Auvergne France Cow Blue
Boerenkaas Holland Cow Gouda
Brick USA Cow Washed Rind
Brie de Meaux France Cow Bloomy Rind
Brie de Melun France Cow Bloomy Rind
Burrata Italy Buffalo Fresh
Cabot Clothbound Cheddar USA Cow Cheddar
Cantal** France Cow Natural Rind
Cheshire England Cow Natural Rind
Colby** USA Cow Natural Rind
Comte France Cow Alpine
Epoisses France Cow Washed
Feta** Greece Sheep Fresh
Flagship USA Cow Cheddar
Gorgonzola Italy Cow Blue
Grayson USA Cow Washed Rind
Gruyere Switzerland Cow Alpine
Harbison USA Cow Washed Rind
Humboldt Fog USA Goat Bloomy Rind
Little Mountain USA Cow Alpine
Manchego Spain Sheep Natural Rind
Marieke Gouda USA Cow Gouda
Marin Cheese USA Cow Bloomy Rind
Mascarpone Italy Cow Fresh
Mimolette** France Cow Natural Rind
Morbier** France Cow Washed
Mozzarella** Italy Buffalo or Cow Fresh
Mt. Tam USA Cow Bloomy Rind
Munster France Cow Washed
Ossau Iraty France Sheep Natural Rind
Parmigiano Reggiano Italy Cow Natural Rind
Pecorino Romano Italy Sheep Natural rind
Pecorino Toscano Italy Sheep Natural Rind
Pleasant Ridge Reserve USA Cow Alpine
Quicke’s Cheddar England Cow Cheddar
Raclette** Switzerland Cow Washed Rind
Rogue River Blue USA Cow Blue
Roquefort France Sheep Blue
Stilton England Cow Blue
Taleggio Italy Cow Washed Rind
Tarentaise USA Cow Alpine
Vacherin Fribourgeois Switzerland Cow Alpine
Vacherin Mont d’Or France Cow Washed Rind
Vella Dry Jack USA Cow Natural Rind
West Country Cheddar England Cow Cheddar
Winnimere USA Cow Washed Rind

** From Cheese.com

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