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ACS Body of Knowledge – Domain 9 – Regulations and Regulators

my-books-169x300ACS Body of Knowledge – Domain 9 – Regulations and Regulators

ACS BOK – Domain 9 – Bullet Points:

  1. Follow the ACS BOK – Domain 9 – Regulations and Regulators
  2. Understand what the USDA governs.
  3. Understand what the FDA governs.
  4. Understand the different areas that each governs.
  5. Know Good Manufacturing Practices.
  6. Know the basics of Food Safety Practices.
  7. Know HACCP steps for cheesemakers, distributors, retailers.
  8. Know basics of Food Code as it pertains to cheese and milk.
  9. Know Pasteurized Milk Ordinance.
  10. Know 60 days rule.
  11. Know definition of “Raw Milk”.
  12. Know regulations on Raw milk cheese.
  13. Understand labeling.
  14. Understand Cheese Grading.
  15. Know what must be included on imported foods.
  16. Understand food dating processes.
  17. Know basic documentation/paperwork needed for importing cheese into US.
  18. Know what is included on Bill of Lading.
  19. Understand basics of recall process: difference between voluntary and unvoluntary.


Terms to Know:

60 Day Rule   AWA – Animal Welfare Approved   Bill of Lading   CFR    CGMP    Campylobacter    Carbohydrates    Clostridium perfrigens    E. coli 0157-H7    EFA    FDA    Food Alliance     GMP    Genetic Engineering    HACCP    Irradiation    Kosher    Listeria Monocytogenes    NOP – National Organic Program    Non-Pathogenic    Organic    Pathogen    Psychrotropic     Salmonella    Staphylococcus aureus     Sustainability     Trans Fat     USDA    Ultrafiltration    Unsaturated Fats    Validus

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