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Kitchen Table Bakers' Mini Parm Crisps and Kelly's Jelly Pairings

Kitchen Table Bakers with Kelly’s Jelly Pairings

As National Ambassador for Kelly’s Jelly, one of my tasks is to find interesting ways to pair our Award-winning jellies and preserves with specialty foods… a task I gladly accept and intend to master… This past week, we partnered with Kitchen Table Bakers to taste different pairing choices with their Award-Winning 100% Parmesan Mini Crisps…

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Chicken Apple Tart with Apple Cream Sauce

Chicken and Apple Tart with Apple Yogurt Cream Sauce

While wandering around Pinterest earlier this week to try to drown out the political madness playing in the background, I came across a Chicken with an Apple Cream Sauce pin/recipe. First, I love chicken; second, I had just bought a bag of Organic Granny Smiths and third, I’ve been playing around (unsuccessfully) with making tarts…

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Culture Magazine’s “Cheese Facts” and “Cheese Science”

Culture Magazine’s “Cheese Facts” and “Cheese Science” Updated April 24, 2016 with 50+ new  facts and science from Culture Magazine. In addition to being a Cheese Junkie; I’m also a Twitter Junkie… yes… I admit it… I love Twitter and one of my favorite feeds is Culture Magazine and their “Cheese Facts” and “Cheese Science”

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