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Lancashire Bomb… It’s Da Bomb!!!

The first time I learned about the Lancashire Bomb was while building my Amazon Cheese Shop. The pictures alone made me nuts to try this cheese. Earlier this year when shopping at Costco in Greenville, SC… lo and behold, there they were… I grabbed one. Capturing the Costco business meant a big boost of Lancashire

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Burrata, a pasta filata-style cheese

Sublime, Award-Winning Summer Giveaway

Congratulations to mkroutzahn – winner of Our third summer giveaway combines three Award-Winning Specialty Foods: A trio of Kelly’s Jelly – 2016 Good Food Winner Habanero Jelly and two other spicy or seasonal preserves. Kelly’s Jellies are verified non-GMO, all natural, clean food sourced from the best local producers and made in small batches. A trio of

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James Danforth

Meet James Danforth, ACS CCP™

Meet James Danforth, ACS CCP™ I have known James for several years going back to my early days training Cheesemongers and setting up Murray’s Cheese Shops in Colorado for the King Soopers division of Kroger. We also did some hanging out at the ACS Conference in Sacramento when James successfully sat for the ACS CCP™

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