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Cheese of the Day: April 27 – Morbier

Washed Rind Thursday! Presented by ACS CCP® Erin Clancy Today we look into the world of morbier. Morbier is made in the Jura region of France and started being made as a cheese for cheesemakers. Legend has it that Comte makers with extra curds at the end of each day would take these curds, sprinkled

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Cheese of the Day: April 25 – Pecorino Crotonese PDO

Tuesday’s Cheese of the Day is Italian Style Cheeses Presented by ACS CCP® Allin Tallmadge: PECORINO CROTONESE PDO (copied from Crotonese PDO is a semi-cooked hard cheese produced as Fresco (fresh), Semiduro (semi-hard), Stagionato (mature) and grated, and is obtained exclusively from whole sheep’s milk drawn from animals raised in the production area. The

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Cheese of the Day: April 24: Brie de Meaux AOC and Brie de Melun AOC

Brie de Meaux AOC and Brie de Melun AOC Presented today by ACS CCP® Marcella Wright: In 2013, when I sat for the ACS CCP Exam® there was a question that related to today’s Cheese of the Day discussion. Because the exam is copyrighted, I cannot share the exact question but understanding both the similarities and

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