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Cheese of the Day: March 24 – Lamb Chopper

Fridays are always Gouda at the Facebook Cheese Study Group presented by ACS CCP® James Danforth. His presentation today is from Cypress Grove Chevre: Gouda evening y’all! Today’s cheese is Lamb Chopper Gouda. Lamb Chopper is a matured, gouda-style cheese produced in the Netherlands and sold under the Cypress Grove Chevre label. The happy result

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Cheese of the Day: March 23 – Epoisses AOC

Thursdays at Facebook Cheese Study Group are Washed Rind Day presented by ACS CCP® Erin Clancy. Today she explores one of those stinky favorites: Stinky cheese time!! I wanted to point out at that quite a few people remember Epoisses showing up on the exam in different years. Epoisses is an AOP(1991), washed-rind cheese that’s

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Cheese of the Day: March 21 – Asiago (Formaggio DOP)

Facebook Cheese Study Group takes a look at Italian style cheeses on Tuesdays presented by ACS CCP® Allin Tallmadge. Here is his deep dive into one of my favorite Italian cheeses: Asiago (Formaggio DOP) So under valued in the US but what an amazing cheese! A great melter, good in grilled cheese or paninis, wonderful

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