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2017 World Cheese Awards

Last week, The Guild of Fine Food held its annual World’s Best Cheese Awards, naming Cornish Kern the World’s Best Cheese for 2017. A complete list of all the Winners from Super Golds to Gold to Silver to Bronze can be viewed here. I thought it might be fun to revisit reviews of winners I

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Lake Hartwell Beekeepers Association and Beekeeper, Bob Binnie

This past Thursday, I attended my first beekeeper meeting of the Lake Hartwell Beekeepers Association. I joined the group, not because I plan to keep bees (which I don’t), to learn more about bees and especially the honey they make. I didn’t know what to expect at the meeting and it surpassed any preconceived notions

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Rogue Creamery’s Blue Cheese Dessert Tray

Recently after dinner, I chose to serve a blue cheese tray filled with wonderful cheeses sent my way from David and Chelsea at Rogue Creamery. It turned out to be the perfect ending to a perfect evening with family and friends. A couple of my guests were surprised at this choice for “dessert” but after

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