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Updated 11/17/2014 – Please note: When we moved from our blog to a full-service website, we lost our links. We are re-building them here and on a separate list of our favorite cheesemakers. If we haven’t added you yet, please drop us a line and we’ll link you immediately. (send your link to marcellathecheesemonger (at) – Far from done – so many great blogs – more added regularly…

American Cheese Society – Professionals dedicated to protecting and nurturing Artisan Cheesemaking in the Americas.

BarfBlog – Three Food Safety experts share information on those pesky bugs that make us sick and the places where they can grow.

Beer and Cheese Project – Beer with Cheese… yep, works for me!!!

Beverly Hills Market and Deli – Fresh and Fabulous Specialty Foods

Cave-Aged Blog – One cheese lover’s adventures…

Cheese – Database of more than 500 different cheeses.

Cheese and Biscuits – Written by one of “1000 Most Influential Londoners”

Cheese and Champagne – Two Ladies who love cheese as much as The lady and I do.

Cheese Chick – Christine Hyatt’s website is amazing. She is also currently the President of the American Cheese Society.

Cheese Connoisseur Magazine –  The Lady worked with and got to know the Publisher, Lee Smith, and fell in love with her and her great love for all things cheese.

Cheese Cupid – What cheese pairs with what wine or beer? You’ll find out here.

Cheese Is Alive – A trained cook who fell into cheese several years ago and decided to stay.

Cheese Lover – Fiona Beckett’s Blog

Cheese Lover’s Blog – The official blog of Ile de France

Cheese Nerds – Does it Take a Nerd to Know a Nerd??? Not necessarily…

Cheese Please – Jess’ of cheese and life.

Cheese Underground – Jeanne Carpenter’s Blog recounting her passions for cheese, especially Wisconsin cheese.

Christopher’s Wine and Cheese Blog – From North Carolina.

Culture Magazine: Kate and her staff bring us up-to-date news in the cheese world and they use a megaphone to do it!!!

Curd Collective – New site with lots of cheese resource info.

Dairy Goodness – All you need is cheese.

Edible Obsessions – Great website/blog – you’ll love it!!!

Farmstead Cheese and Wine – An occasional blog about Jeff and Carol’s travels to find good food and wine.

Formaggio Kitchen – A blog about cheese, farms, food and friends.

Fromage Bob – Bob Galivan from Miami shares his cheese obsessions…

Fromage du Mois – A Shared quest for cheese excellence.

Gordon “Zola” Edgar – Cheesemonger for the People.

Grilled Cheese Social – She works in a cheese shop; she loves cheese… what more do you need…

Hillsborough Cheese Company – Small, personal and occasionally quirky.

It’s Cheese – One stop blog for all things cheese-related

It’s Not You; It’s Brie – Kirstin, a trained chef can’t get enough cheese.

Just Add Cheese – Meesh and Jacki’s cooking and dining adventures.

Lost in Cheeseland – Amy Thomas’ Cheese Blog

Madame Fromage – Another turophile consumed with anything and everything cheese.

Market of Choice Cheese Blog – The “Go tO” place to find fine specialty cheeses in Oregon

Mary Quicke’s Dairy Diary – Life on the Quicke Farm.

My Blog of Cheese – a gastronomic journey into fromage; one cheese at a time, one day at a time.

News From the Cheese Mines – the official blog of Artisanal Cheese.

North Carolina Cheese Trail – Everything “Cheesy” in North Carolina

Pacific Northwest Cheese Project – Author and Attorney, Tami Parr, has spent several years exploring and getting to know the Artisan Cheesemakers of the Pacific Northwest.

She Writes Food – Cheese, Chocolate & Champagne; the passionate pursuit for the best of Irish food.

Shooting the Bries – Website of ACS CCP Leah McFadden. Read Spaulding’s interview with Leah.

The Bloomy Rind – From Nashville, Kathleen Cotter talks cheese

The Cheese Blogs – from Market of Choice

The Cheese Mistress – Based in Austin, Texas.

The House Mouse – Robin shares her cheese adventures.

The Joy of Cheese – Check out the reviews – excellent!!!

The Saxelby Almanac – Blog of the Anne Saxelby and her army of Mongers.

The Whiskey Chicken – Home of Andrea Horton, ACS Certified Cheese Professional at Whole Foods in Atlanta

Tim Gaddis – Trained at Murray’s Cheese, Tim now runs the cheese department at Star provisions in Atlanta.

Tips on Food and Drinks – The Name of the Site tells it all: Great Tips on Food and Drinks!!

Tout un Fromage – In French

Whole Foods Cheese Blog – Cheese from some of the best retailers in the U.S.

Wine! Beer! Cheese! – Mark guides you through the world of wine, beer and cheese!!

Wisconsin Cheese Originals: Have Fun. Do good. Eat Cheese. A group dedicated to promoting the Artisan Cheeses of Wisconsin and awarding scholarships to young cheesemakers.

Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board – This website tells you everything, and I mean everything, about Wisconsin Cheese. (California could learn a few tricks from these folks when it comes to marketing cheese.)

World According to Cheese – Anna, who writes this blog, has more guts than The Lady and I… read her 11/26 entry…

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