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Novice to Expert

Novice to Expert

More than 1000 reviews of cheeses from around the world:

Cheese can be made from the milk of pretty much any mammal that produces milk. However, most cheese consumed in the United States is made from Cow, Goat, Sheep or Buffalo milk. When milk is made into cheese, the Cheesemaker has almost endless choices in what style cheese he wants to make, from a delicate brie to an aged sheep’s milk cheese. 


Here is a link to an article I wrote that categorizes cheese into eight basic families.

Below are links to more “User-Friendly” pages of cheese reviews to help you find the perfect cheese for a snack, a tasty casserole or your next party.


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American Originals 

Beecher’s Handmade Cheeses

Blues and Gorgonzolas

Brie and Soft-Ripened Cheeses


Cheese Plates

Cheeses for Cooking

Cheeses for Savoring 

Cheeses Ideal for Italian and Pasta Dishes

Cheeses Made with Raw Milk

Cheeses with Flavor Added 

Dips, Spreads and Fun Cheeses

European Union Protected Cheeses

Fresh Cheeses

Goat Milk Cheeses


Non-Dairy Specialty Foods 

Pimento Cheeses

Rogue Creamery Cheeses 

Sartori Cheeses

Sheep Milk Cheeses

Stinky Cheeses aka Washed Rind Cheeses 

Vegetarian-Suitable Cheeses


281 Cheeses You Should Know

165 More Cheeses You Should Know

European Union Protected Cheeses

English Protected Cheeses

French Protected Cheeses

Greek Protected Cheeses

Italian Protected Cheeses

Portuguese Protected Cheeses

Spanish Protected Cheeses

Swiss Protected Cheeses


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