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Cheeses From K to L

Stuffed Bell Peppers

Stuffed Bell Peppers

Updated 1/20/2015

Kaitou (Istara) 

Kaamps’ Estate Klaverkaas 

Kelly’s Jelly’s Habanero Pepper Jam   Kelly’s Jelly’s Strawbanero Filled Voodoo Doughnuts

Kerrygold Aged Cheddar   Kerrygold Blarney Castle   Kerrygold Blue   Kerrygold Butters   Kerrygold Dubliner   Kerrygold Ivernia   Kerrygold Red Leicester 

Kickapoo (Ludwig Farmstead)

Kirkland’s Signature Cave-Aged Vermont Cheddar 

Kitchen Table Baker Parm Crisps – 100% Parmesan   Kitchen Table Baker Parm Crisps with Caraway Seeds   Kitchen Table Baker Parm Crisps with Chai

Klaverkaas from Kaamps’ Estate 

Koko’s Coconut Gouda

Kozlar (Gligora Dairy, Croatia)

Kurtwood Farm’s Dinah 

L’Amuse Signature Gouda 

La Creme de La Creme Brie

La Roule Cranberry Roll 

La Sauvagine

La Tur

Laack’s Eight Year Extra Sharp Cheddar

Lambchopper (Cypress Grove)

Lace Kase (Roth Kase)

Lady Laurier

LaClare Farm Evalon (Saxon Homestead Cheeses)


LaPanzanella Croccontini

Lavender Cheddar (Rogue Creamery)

Le Cendrillon (Saputo – Quebec, Canada)

Le Chatelain   Le Chatelain Camembert

Le Chevre Noir

Le Forgerus 

Le Guillaume Tell (Fromagerie de Domaine Feodal)

Le Roule Cranberry Roll

Le Timanoix

Les Freres (Crave Brothers) 

Lemon Ricotta Cake (Murray’s Cheese)

Lemon Zest (White Stilton with Fruit)

Les Trois Petites Chochons Mousse de Fois de Canard

Leyden (Uniekaas)

Liederkranz (DCI) 

Lighter Cheddar (Tuxford and Tibbutts)

Limburger (Roth Kase) 

Lincoln Log from Zingerman’s (ACS Profile)

Lincolnshire Poacher from Neal’s Yard 

Litehouse Center Cut Gorgonzola   Litehouse Chocolate Chili Sauce

Little Boy Blue (Hook’s)

Little Boy Blue (Willapa Hills Farms) 

Londoner Cheddar (Pilgrim’s Choice) 

Long Clawson Dairy White Stilton with Lemon Zest

Lou Bergier Pichin

Ludwig Farmstead Kickapoo 

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