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Elizabeth Nerud, ACS CCP™ Bio

Liz Nerud, ACS CCP

Liz Nerud, ACS CCP

Elizabeth Nerud, ACS CCP™ Bio

My roots are deep in the heart of my beloved Wisconsin. I was born in La Crosse and grew up down on the farm in Mauston, County Seat of Juneau County, which is currently famous as the home of Carr Valley Cheese.  I didn’t know about that at the time.  My family farm was not dairy, but rather beef and vegetables.  My father grew the world’s most delicious tomatoes!  Living in the country was very instrumental in shaping my world view- neighbors are important, and knowing where my food comes from is important as well.  I carry these values to my work with cheese every day.
I work at a local grocery store chain in Minneapolis, where I run the specialty cheese counter. When I started, I worked catering. The opportunity for promotion came and with it, my introduction to the world of Cheese.  I think that I am very lucky to have found a specialty that is endlessly fascinating.  There is always something new and interesting to discover.  And to be told by my customers that the cheese I chose for their occasion was perfect is tremendously gratifying.
I work at  Lunds and Byerly’s is a hometown chain that people have been shopping at for years, and they trust us.  I see my role as that of an ambassador.  I want to be able to help our customers figure out solutions to all their grocery needs, not just cheese. Working in a grocery store is about creating and maintaining a community.  That said, my focus is first and foremost my Cheese Counter.  I curate the case, choosing the cheeses I want to carry.  I am in charge of maintaining the cheese, keeping a close eye on its quality.  I sell the cheese.  It is so fun to get to know my customers, what they need what they are doing, get to know who they are.  I get to tell them cheese stories.
In January 2015, I represented Cypress Grove Chevre and Culture Magazine at the San Francisco Cheesemonger Invitation. One of the best weekend of my cheese life. Read about my journey here.

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