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Cheeses With Flavors Added

8 RJT Pairing to Pepper jack and 34 DegreeUpdated 11/10/2014

Flavored Cheeses and cheeses stuffed with stuff or rubbed with stuff…These cheeses have other popular foods added to them such as peppers, fruits. They can also be rubbed with flavors or cold-smoked to add a smoky goodness to the rind.

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Appel Farm Jalapeno Gouda

Appel Farm Smoked Gouda

 Applewood Smoked Cheddar (Ilchester)

Asiago Salsa – Sartori 

Balsamic Bellavitano (Sartori)

Barely Buzzed (Beehive Cheese Company)

Beecher’s Marco Polo

Beecher’s No Woman

Beecher’s Smoked Flagship

Beehive Cheese Company’s Barely Buzzed 

Beemster Mustard Seed 

Beemster’s Wasabi 

Beer Cheese (Ilchester) 

BelGioioso Mascarpone Tiramisu 

Black Mountain

Blueberry Fayre (White Stilton with Fruit) 

Boschetto al Tartufo Il Forteto Coop 

Briar Rose’s Spicy Chipotle Chevre Spread

Brunkow’s Green Olive White Cheddar 

Cahill’s Whisky Cheddar

Cahill’s Original Irish Porter Cheese 

Camp Fire (Mt. Townsend Creamery)

Cannella Bellavitano (Sartori)

Carr Valley Apple Smoked Cheddar 

Carr Valley Garlic Cheddar

Carr Valley Goat Black Truffle 

Carr Valley Horseradish Cheddar 

Chai Bellavitano

Chocolate Stout Cheddar (Rogue Creamery) 

Cotswold Pub Cheese 

Cranberry Roll 

Ellsworth Cajun and Ranch Flavored Cheese Curds

Fagundes Farmstead Smoked Jack 

Garlic Chili Pepper Cheddar (Tillamook) 

Golden Glen Creamery Medium Cheddar with Sweet Basil

Golden Glen Creamery Medium Cheddar with Red Pepper, Onion and Garlic

Golden Glen Creamery Medium Cheddar with Garlic and Dill 

Gouda, Jalapeno (Appel Farms)

Gouda with Wasabi (Beemster) 

Gouda, Smoked (Appel Farm)

Gouda, Smoked (Maple Leaf)

Gouda, Smoked, Van Gogh (Roth Kase) 

Green Olive White Cheddar (Brunkows) 

Habanero Jack (Maple Leaf)

Haystack Mountain Cracked Pepper Chevre Log

Haystack Mountain Dill and Garlic Chevre Log

Haystack Mountain Green Chilies Chevre Log 

Horseradish Cheddar (Tillamook)

Hot Habanero Jack Cheese (Tillamook) 

Henning’s Blueberry Cobbler Cheddar

Henning’s Mango Fire Cheddar

Henning’s Mediterranean Sunset Cheddar

Henning’s Peppercorn Cheddar 

Ilchester Beer Cheese

Ilchester Smoked Applewood 

Lavender Cheddar (Rogue Creamery) 

Le Roule Cranberry Roll

Maple Leaf Smoked Gouda

Marco Polo (Beechers) 

Merlot Bellavitano 

Merlot Bellavitano (2nd review)

Monterey Jack (Flavored) – Rocking W  

Mountina Mocha (Vintage Cheese of Montana)

Mustard Seed (Beemster)

Nasonville’s Blue Marble Jack Cheese

Natural Smoked Gouda (Roth Kase) 

Pepper Jack (Maple Leaf) 

River’s Edge Up In Smoke

Rocking W Flavored Monterey Jack Cheeses 

Rogue Creamery Hopyard

Rogue Creamery Lavender Cheddar 

Sartori Asiago with Basil and Olive Oil

Sartori Asiago with Rosemary and Olive Oil

Sartori Asiago Salsa 

Sartori Black Pepper Bellavitano Gold 

Sartori Chai Bellavitano

Sartori Cognac Bellavitano Gold

Sartori Raspberry Bellavitano Gold

Sartori Balsamic Bellavitano Gold

Sartori Merlot Bellavitano Gold 

Smoked Gouda (Appel Farms)

Smoked Gouda (Maple Leaf)

Smoked Gouda, Van Gogh (Roth Kase)

Smoked Gouda (Roth Kase) 

Tillamook Flavored Cheeses 

Tumalo Farms Farmstead Fenacho

Tumalo Farms Farmstead Pondhopper 

Up In Smoke (River’s Edge)

Vintage Cheese of Montana’s Mountina Mocha

Wensleydale with Cranberries 

Whiskey Cheddar from Cahill’s Farmstead Cheeses

White Stilton with Blueberries (Blueberry Fayre)

White Stilton with Lemon Zest

White Stilton with Fruit 


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