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Tumalo Farms Goat Goudas

Updated 1/18/2015

Gouda is a style of cheese that originated in Holland and is named after the town of Gouda. The name Gouda is not protected; however the EU is currently in the process of protecting the name “Gouda Holland” which would designate that any cheese with that name is made in Holland using a strict list of rules and regulations. Traditionally, Gouda is coated in a wax that according to its color can designate its age (more back in the day than recently).

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Aged Gouda – Beemster Classic Aged Gouda

Aged Gouda – Carr Valley

Aged Gouda – Goat Milk – Gothberg Farms

Aged Gouda, Hollandse Best Cream

Aged Gouda – Old Amsterdam

Aged Gouda, Parrano

Aged Gouda, Parrano Robusto

Aged Gouda, Rembrandt

Aged Gouda – Reypenear 1 Year and VSOP

Aged Gouda, Uniekaas Gold Label – Extra Old

Aged Gouda, Van Gogh (Roth Kase)

Aged Gouda, Vincent

Aged Gouda, Vlaskaas (Beemster)

Aged Gouda, Willamette Valley Cheese Company

Aged Gouda, XO (Beemster)

Aged Gouda (Fair Oaks Farm)

Aged Sheep Gouda – Ewephoria 

Alpenhorn (Uniekaas)

Appel Farm Raw Milk Gouda

Appel Farm Jalapeno Gouda

Appel Farm Smoked Gouda 

Ballard Family’s Danish Pearl Gouda

Beemster Classic Aged Gouda

Beemster’s Farmers’ Choice

Beemster’s Graskaas

Beemster Lite

Beemster Mustard Seed

Beemster’s Premium Goat

Beemster’s Wasabi

Beemster Vlaskaas

Beemster X O 

Big Ed’s (Saxon Homestead Cheese)

Blarney Castle (Kerrygold)

Boerenkaas (Willamette Valley Cheese Company) 

Cablanca Goat Gouda

Carr Valley Aged Gouda

Classic Aged Gouda (Beemster) 

Classico (Tumalo Farms)

Cypress Grove’s Lambchopper

Cypress Grove’s Midnight Moon

Danish Pearl Gouda (Ballard Family)

Double Cream Gouda – RoomKaas

Ewephoria – Premium Aged Sheep Gouda

Extra Old Gouda (Uniekaas)

Fair Oaks Farm Aged Gouda

Gold Label, Uniekaas, Extra Old Gouda

Gothberg Farms Aged Gouda – Goat Milk

Gouda, Double Cream or RoomKaas

Gouda, Farmer’s Choice (Beemster)

Gouda, Graskaas (Beemster)

Gouda, Goat (Cypress Grove’s Midnight Moon)

Gouda, Goat (Cablanca)

Gouda, Hollandse Best Cream

Gouda, Premium Goat (Beemster)

Gouda, Jalapeno (Appel Farms)

Gouda with Wasabi (Beemster)

Gouda, Goat (Tumalo Farms Classico)

Gouda, Aged – Reypenear – 1 Year and VSOP 

Gouda, Red Wax (Maple Leaf)

Gouda, Smoked (Appel Farm)

Gouda, Smoked (Maple Leaf)

Gouda, Smoked, Van Gogh (Roth Kase)

Graskaas (Beemster)

Hollandse Best Cream Gouda 

Jeffs’ Select Aged Gouda

Kaamps’ Estate Klaverkaas 

Kerrygold Blarney Castle

Klaverkaas from Kaamps’ Estate 

Koko’s Coconut Gouda

L’Amuse Signature Gouda

Lambchopper (Cypress Grove)

Midnight Moon (Cypress Grove Chevre)

Mustard Seed (Beemster)

Natural Smoked Gouda (Roth Kase)

Old Amsterdam Aged Gouda


Parrano – Falling Back in Love – 2nd Updated Review

Parrano Robusto

Potato Chip Goat Gouda


Reypenear One-Year Aged Gouda

Reypenear VSOP Aged Gouda

RoomKaas – Double Cream Gouda

Roth Kase Natural Smoked Gouda

Roth Kase Van Gogh Edam

Roth Kase Van Gogh Gouda

Saxon Homestead Cheeses’ Big Ed

Smoked Gouda (Appel Farms)

Smoked Gouda (Maple Leaf)

Smoked Gouda, Van Gogh (Roth Kase)

Smoked Gouda (Roth Kase)

Tumalo Farms Award-Winning Classico 

Tumalo Farms Farmstead Fenacho

Tumalo Farms Farmstead Pondhopper

Tumalo Farms Rimrocker

Tumalo Tomme (Juniper Grove Farm)

Uniekaas Alpenhorn

Uniekaas RoomKaas Double Cream Gouda

Uniekaas Gold label, Extra Old Gouda

Van Gogh Edam

Van Gogh Gouda

Vincent Aged Gouda

Vlaskaas (Beemster)

Vintage Van Gogh

Willamette Valley Aged Gouda

Willamette Valley Boerenkaas

XO (Beemster) 

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