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Sheep’s Milk Cheeses

20140730_160533Updated 11/09/2014

If I had to pick a favorite cheese, I couldn’t because it changes constantly and is usually the last cheese I tasted. However, for a favorite style, it would be aged sheep’s milk cheeses… hands down… there’s just something about the tang, the richness, the buttery finish…

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Aged Sheep Gouda – Ewephoria

Ancient Heritage Farm’s Hannah

Beecher’s Flagsheep

Bellwether Farms’ San Andreas 


Berliner der Kase 

Black Sheep Creamery’s Tin Willow Tomme

Blue Sheeps’ Milk Cheese (Fromagerie La Moutonniere – Quebec, Canada)

Boscheto al Tartufo Il Forteto Coop*

Brebirousse d’Argental

Campo de Montalban

Carr Valley’s Baa Baa Sheep

Carr Valley’s Cave-Aged Marisa

Carr Valley’s Mobay (half sheep and half goat)

Chistou (Istara)

Cordobes Mitica

Curio Bay Pecorino

Cypress Grove’s Lambchopper

Ewephoria Sheep Gouda 

Fiore Sardo

Fromagerie Moutonniere’s Sheeps’ Milk Blue Cheese 

Gabietou (Sheep and Cow)

Gligora Dairy’s Paski Sir 

Gligora’s Zigljen*

Green Dirt Farm Farmstead Bossa


Hannah from Ancient Heritage Farm

Hook’s Little Boy Blue 

Hudson Flower 

Hudson Flower (ACS Profile)



Ilbesa’s Young DM Sheep Milk Cheese

Ilbesa’s Luyan

Ilbesa’s Aged Sheep Milk Cheese

Ilbesa’s Mature Sheep Milk Cheese

Istara Chistou

Istara Kaikou

Istara Ossau Iraty

Istara P’Tit Basque

Istara P’Tit Pyrenees

Kaitou (Istara) 

La Tur

Lambchopper (Cypress Grove) 

Little Boy Blue (Hook’s)

Little Boy Blue (Willapa Hills Farms)


Manchego (Villajos Artisan – Raw Milk) 

Murray’s Branded Young Manchego

Ossau-Iraty (Istara)

Paski Sir (Gligora Dairy)

Pecorino Romano

Pecorino Toscano 

Podda Classico *

P’Tit Basque (Istara)

P’Tit Pyrenees (Istara)

Queso Iberico*

Ricotta Salata

Robiola Three Milk*

Roquefort (Societe) 3/2011

Roquefort (Societe)

Sally Jackson Sheeps’ Milk Cheese 

Sartori Pastorale Blend

Societe Roquefort 

Tania Toscano (ACS Profile)

Tin Willow Tomme


Villajos Artisan Manchego

Two-Faced Blue (Willapa Hills Farms)*

Willapa Farms Two-Faced Blue

Willapa Hills’ Willapa White

Young Manchego (Murray’s Branded)

Zigljen from Gligora Dairy in Croatia*


*Denotes mixed milk cheese that includes sheep milk

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