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Vegetarian Suitable Cheeses

IMG_20140105_175917_825Updated 6/06/2014
(New additions at bottom of list) – 180 Vegetarian Suitable Cheeses; using microbial, lab-created chymosin and sometimes even thistle to coagulate milk and begin the cheesemaking process.

Links will be added over the next few days. You can read reviews by clicking on the “Cheese Index” Tab above.

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Cheese Milk Type Rennet Raw or Pasteurized
Aged Raclette (Leelanau Cheese) Cow Vegetable Past
Appleby’s Cheshire Cow Vegetarian Raw
Applewood Smoked (Ilcester) Cow Microbial Past
Ardrahan Cow Vegetarian Past
Ascutney Mountain Cheese Cow Vegetable Raw
Asiago (Stella) Cow Microbial Past
Autor Goat Vegetable Raw
Azeitao Sheep Vegetable Raw
Barely Buzzed Cow Microbial Past
Barkham Blue Cow Vegetable Past
Bear Hill (Grafton) Sheep Microbial Raw
Beecher’s Handamde Cheeses** Various Microbial Both
Beehive Cheeses Cow Microbial
Beer Cheese (Ilcester) Cow Microbial Past
Bellavitano (Sartori)** Cow Microbial Past
Bermuda Triangle (Cypress Grove)** Goat Microbial Past
Big Rock Blue (Central Coast Creamery) Cow Vegetarian Past
Black Mountain Cow Microbial Past
Bleu (Boar’s Head) Cow Microbial Past
Bleu (Stella) Cow Microbial Past
Blue Heaven (Rogue Creamery)** Cow Microbial Raw
Boerenkaas Cow Microbial Raw
Boerenkaas (WVCC) Cow Microbial Raw
Bonne Bouche (VBCC) Goat Microbial Past
Brie de Meulen Cow None Raw
Brindisi Fontina (WVCC) Cow Microbial Past
Bucheron Goat Microbial Past
ButterKase (Boar’s Head) Cow Microbial Past
Cabot Clothbound Cow Microbial Past
Cacio Fiore Sheep Microbial Raw
Caerphilly (Somerdale) Cow Microbial Past
Cahill’s Irish Porter Cheddar Cow Microbial Past
Cambozola Cow Microbial Past
Camellia (Redwood Hill) Goat Vegetable Past
Capri (Westfield Farm)** Goat Microbial Past
Capricious (Achadinha Cheese) Goat Vegetarian Past
Cardo Goat Microbial Raw
Carmody (Bellwwether) Cow Vegetarian Past
Carmody Reserve (Bellwether Farms) Cow Vegetable Raw
Cashel Blue Cow Vegetable Past
Castelo Branco Sheep Vegetarian Raw
Caveman (Rogue Creamery)** Cow Microbial Raw
Cheddar Generally Cow Both Both*
Cheddar All Both Both
Cheddar (Boar’s Head) Cow Microbial Past
Cheddar (McCadam) Cow Microbial Past
Cheddar (Tillamook) Cow Microbial Past
Cheshire Cow Vegetable Raw
Chevre (Gothberg Farms)** Goat Microbial Past
Chevre (Laura Chenel) Goat Microbial Past
Colby (Boar’s Head) Cow Microbial Past
Colby Jack (Boar’s Head) Cow Microbial Past
Colby Jack (Tillamook) Cow Microbial Past
Cooleeney Irish Brie Cow Microbial Past
Crater Lake (Rogue Creamery) Cow Microbial Raw
Cremont Goat and Cow Microbial Past
Crozier Blue Sheep Vegetarian Past
Cypress Grove** Goat, Sheep Microbial Past
Dinah (Kurtwood Farms) Cow Microbial Past
Double Gloucester (Somerdale) Cow Microbial Past
Dry Monterey Jack (Vella) Cow Microbial Past
Evalon (LaClare Farms) Goat Microbial Raw
Evora Sheep Vegetable Raw
Ewephoria Sheep Vegetarian
Farmstead Cheddar (Greens of Glastonbury) Cow Microbial
Farmstead Gouda (WVCC) Cow Microbial Raw
Feta (Gothberg Farms)** Goat Microbial Past
Fiscalini Farmstead Cheese Company** cow Vegetable Raw
Fiscalini Farmstead Cheese Company** Cow Microbial Both
Fiscalini Farmstead Cheese Company** Cow Microbial Raw
Fiscalini Farmstead Cheese Company** Cow Microbial Raw
Flagsheep (Beecher’s)** Cow &Sheep Microbial Past
Flagship** Cow Microbial Past
Fol Epi Cow Vegetarian Past
Fresh Mozz (BelGioiooso) Cow Microbial Past
Fresh Mozz (Mozzarella Fresca) Cow Microbial Past
Full Moon (Beehive Cheese) Cow Vegetable Raw
Goat Gouda (CaBlanca) Goat Microbial
Golden Glen Creamery Cow Microbial
Gorgonzola (Black River) Cow Microbial Past
Gorgonzola (Stella) Cow Microbial Past
Gouda Various Both Both*
Gouda (Boar’s Head) Cow Microbial Past
Gran Canaria (Carr Valley Cheese)** Cow, Goat, Sheep Vegetable Past
Gran Cru Gruyere Cow Microbial Past
Gran Queso Cow Microbial Past
Great Hill Blue (Great Hill Dairy) Cow Microbial Raw
Green Peppercorn Cone (Coach) Goat Vegetable Past
Gruyere (Boar’s Head) Cow Microbial Past
Gubbeen Cow Vegetable Past
Halloumi Sheep and Goat Microbial Both
Havarti (Boar’s Head) Cow Microbial Past
Hoja Santa Goat Microbial Past
Hubbardston Blue (Westfield Farm)** Goat or Cow Microbial Past
Hudson Flower (Murray’s and Old Chatham Shepherding Company)** Sheep Microbial Past
Hudson Red Cow Microbial Raw
Hudson Valley Camembert Cow and Sheep Microbial Past
Humboldt Fog (Cypress Grove)** Goat Microbial Past
Huntsman Cow Microbial Past
Jack (Tillamook) Cow Microbial Past
Jeffs’ Select Gouda Cow Microbial Past
Jersey Blue (Willi Schmid) Cow Vegetable Raw
Lighter Cheddar (Tuxford and Tebbetts) Cow Microbial Past
Limberger (Chalet) Cow Microbial Past
Lindsay Bandaged Cheddar Goat Microbial Past
Maple Leaf Coop Cow Microbial
Marisa, Cave-Aged (Carr Valley)** Sheep Microbial Past
Mascarpone Cow Microbial Past
Mascarpone (BelGioioso) Cow Microbial Past
Mascarpone (Mozzarella Fresca) Cow Microbial Past
Mature Cheddar (Isle of Man) Cow Microbial
Maytag Blue Cow Vegetable Raw
Mellage, Cave-Aged (Carr Valley Cheese)** Cow, Goat, Sheep Microbial Past
Mild Cheddar (Alta Dena) Cow Microbial Raw
Monterey Jack (Boar’s Head) Cow Microbial Past
Monterey Jack (McCadam) Cow Microbial
Mountina (Vintage Cheese of Montana) Cow Microbial Raw
Mountina Mocha (Vintage Cheese of Montana) Cow Microbial Raw
Mozzarella (Stella) Cow Microbial Past
Mt. Tam (Cowgirl) Cow Vegetable Past
Muenster (Boar’s Head) Cow Microbial Past
Muenster (McCadam) Cow Microbial Past
Murcia al Vino Goat Microbial Past
Nisa Sheep Vegetarian Raw
Oregon Blue (Rogue Creamery)** Cow Microbial Raw
Oregonzola (Rogue Creamery)** Cow Microbial Raw
Original Blue (Point Reyes) Cow Vegetable Raw
Parmesan (Stella) Cow Microbial Past
Parveggiano (BelGioioso) Cow Microbial Past
Paski Sir** Sheep Microbial Raw
Pawlet (Consider Bardwell) Goat Microbial Raw
Pepper Jack (McCadam) Cow Microbial
Pepper Jack (Tillamook) Cow Microbial Past
Queso Blanco (Gothberg Farms)** Goat Cider Vinegar Past
Queso de flor Cow, Goat, Sheep Vegetable Raw
Queso de la Serena Sheep Vegetable Both*
Queso de Murcia Goat Microbial Past
Quicke’s Traditional Mature Cheddar** Cow Both Past
Red Dragon Cow Microbial Past
Red Hawk (Cowgirl) Cow Vegetable Past
Red Leicester Cow Microbial Past
Red Meck (Finger Lakes Farmstead Cheese Company) Cow Microbial Raw
Ricotta (Gothberg Farms)** Goat Cider Vinegar Past
Ricotta (Stella) Cow Microbial Past
Rogue Rive Blue ** Cow Microbial Raw
Romano (Stella) Cow Microbial Past
Rupert (Consider Bardwell) Cow Microbial Raw
San Joaquin Gold (Fiscalini)** Cow Microbial Raw
Schuyler Gouda (Finger Lakes Farmstead Cheese Company) Cow Microbial Raw
Serpa Sheep Vegetable Raw
Serra da Estrella Sheep Vegetable Raw
Sharp Cheddar (Rogue Creamery) Cow Microbial Raw
Sharp Goat Cheddar (Alta Dena) Goat Microbial
Shropshire Blue Cow Vegetable Past
Single Gloucester Cow Vegetarian Raw
Smoky Blue (Rogue Creamery)** Cow Microbial Raw
Spenwood Sheep Vegetable Raw
St. George (Matos Cheese) Cow Vegetable Raw
Sterling Reserve (Mt. Sterling Cheese Co-op) Goat Chymosin Raw
Stilton Blue cow Microbial Past
Swiss (Boar’s Head) Cow Microbial Past
Swiss (Tillamook) Cow Microbial Past
Tilsiter Cow Microbial Past
Tintern Cow Microbial Past
Torta de Barros Sheep Vegetable Raw
Torta de Los Pedroches Sheep Vegetable Raw
Torta del Casar Sheep Vegetable Raw
Truffle Tremor** Goat Microbial Past
Vermont Shepherd (Major Farm) Sheep Vegetable Raw
Wensleydale with fruit Cow Microbial Past
White Stilton with Fruit Cow Microbial Past
Whole Milk Ricotta (Mozzarella Fresca) Cow Microbial Past
Yogurt Cheese (Cultured Way) Cow Microbial Past
Zimbro Sheep Vegetable Raw

Le Chevre Noir – Goat – Microbial – Pasteurized

Prairie Breeze – Cow – Microbial – Pasteurized

Sonoma Creamery 4 Year Cheddar – Cow – Microbial – Raw

** Indicates we have an interview with the Cheesemaker here on the website. The entire list of interviews can be accessed by clicking here.

My thanks to the following websites which I used for research: Culture Magazine, Janet Fletcher’s “Cheese Course”Cowgirl Creamery,Cheese.comAgraria.orgMurray’s Cheese , the numerous websites of producers and cheesemakers and World Cheese Book by Juliet Harbutt (which you can buy by clicking on the icon below.

Links to my other cheese databases: 281 cheeses you should know; 165 more cheeses to know and 249 raw milk cheeses. For reviews, click on the “Cheese Index” tab above this post.

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