Updated 12/26/11 – Please note: When we moved from our blog to a full-service website, we lost our links. We are re-building them here and on a separate list of our favorite cheese websites. If we haven’t added you yet, please drop us a line and we’ll link you immediately. (send your link to spauldingthecheesemonger (at) gmail.com) – We’re far from done – we have so many cheesemakers we love…

BelGioioso – In Denmark, Wisconsin – these folks make great Italian-style cheeses including one of our favorites, American Grana and Burrata.

Briar Rose Creamery – Oregon cheesemaker we love to read.

Carr Valley Cheeses - Sid Cook, The Master Cheesemaker and owner of Carr Valley, is the most decorated Cheesemaker in the world. His cheeses have won more than 300 awards worldwide.

Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese - These brothers make the best Mascarpone in the USA.

DCI Cheese - Now part of the Saputo Family of Cheeses . DCI was voted one of the best places to work in Wisconsin in 2010.

EmmiRoth USA – Home of Grand Cru Gruyere and Gran Queso, two cheeses The Lady had the opportunity to help make in 2009.

Henning’s Cheese – Home of the Mammoth Cheddar Wheels and great flavored cheddars.

Kurt Timmermeister/Kurtwood Farms – From Restaurateur to Cheesemaker; join Kurt on his journey. You won’t be sorry.

Maple Leaf Cheese – This co-op has been making cheese in Wisconsin for more than 100 years.

North Hendron Co-op – Makers of Award-Winning Black River Blue and Gorgonzola.

Pasture Pride Cheese – This Amish Cheese Producer makes a Guusto and Juusto that are oh-so delish.

Rogue Creamery - Out of Central Point, Oregon come some of the World’s Greatest Blue Cheeses including the seasonal Rogue River Blue, winner of Best of Show at the American Cheese Society 2011 and 2009.

Salemville - An Amish Co-Op that The Lady visited in 2010. It is one of her fondest cheese travel memories. Home of Smokehaus Blue.

Sartori Cheese – The most-decorated American-made Parmesan, SarVecchio, is made by this 4th generation cheese producer led by Master Cheesemaker, Mike Matucheski.

Saxon Homestead Cheese – Jerry Heimerl makes great cheeses and is a genuinely nice guy.

Uplands Cheese - Home of Pleasant Ridge Reserve – the only cheese to win American Cheese Society’s Best of Show three times, including the first year it was made. The Lady met Andy Hatch at the 2011 Bra Cheese Festival and helped sell his cheese to the Italians clamoring to taste and enjoy American Artisan Cheeses.

Widmer’s Cheese - Joe Widmer makes the best Aged Brick cheese in America.