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Nathan Aldridge, Director of National Retail Operations, Murray’s Cheese Bio

Nathan Aldridge, Murray's Cheese

Nathan Aldridge, Murray’s Cheese

Nathan Aldridge, Director of National Retail Operations, Murray’s Cheese Bio

My first interaction with cheese dates back to the early 1980’s when I was a young boy growing up in rural Alabama.  It was then that a family friend, Mrs. Turner, whom I called ‘Aunt NayNay’ would watch me after school.  She ran a small, cinder block gas and grocery on the side of HWY 10.  The building was rather unremarkable, but the wonderful treasures inside would always make my chubby cheeks squeeze into a wild grin!

She had at the time a Hoop Cheese Cutter, which is a large contraption with a turning wheel, a handle and huge blade for slicing off exact measurements of Hoop Cheese.  She would slice off a few chunks and set them on the radiator while I ran around behind the property with her hound dogs…exhausted and hungry I’d come in (with the dogs) and ask if she had any of that cheese heated up for me.  And as always, she did.  Plus a few slices of house cured salami or venison summer sausage.  Those were fond memories for me…so much so, that years after the store closed, Aunt NayNay dug that old cheese slicer out of the attic and gave it to me last year….it’s a real treat to have the cheese cutter that sliced my first piece of cheese from a wheel.  That experience may not have made me a cheese geek, but it did ignite the spark that currently fuels my cheese loving fire.

I work for Murray’s Cheese as their Director of National Retail Operations.  A “typical” work day for me includes, traveling, training employees on cheese, training on customer service and planning the expansion of our Murray’s shops in Kroger grocery stores.  Like me, my days are anything but typical!

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