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Pat Morford, Owner and Cheesemaker, River’s Edge Chevre Bio

Pat with her Goats

Pat with her Goats

Pat Morford, Owner and Cheesemaker, River’s Edge Chevre Bio

Pat has had goats since she was about 8 years old (there were a few years in her teens and young adulthood when she didn’t have them) when her father traded a couple of rabbits for a couple of goats.

In 1988 she moved to Logsden, Oregon and bought 12 acres and started Three Ring Farm. In 1993 she started collecting dairy equipment with the idea of starting her own cheese facility since she had been making cheese for her own use since the early 70’s.

In 2001 Pat started to seriously look for funding and in June of 2002 the construction of Rivers Edge Chevre began. In August of 2005 the dairy was licensed and cheese making commenced! It all started because of a love for goats and the amazing milk they produce.

Visit River’s Edge Chevre website. Follow them on Facebook.
You can find River’s Edge Chevre at the select specialty food shops and the following Culinary Partners:

Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc
Yountville, California
Wildwood Restaurant
Portland, Oregon

The Herbfarm
Woodinville, Washington

Bay House Restaurant
Lincoln City, Oregon

Sylvia Beach Hotel/Tables of Content
Newport, Oregon


 Paley’s PlacePortland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon
Siletz Brewing Company
Siletz, Oregon

The Cellar
Owego, New York

Amuse Restaurant
Ashland, Oregon

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