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Richard Green, UK Cheese Grader Bio

Richard Green, UK Cheese Grader

Richard Green, UK Cheese Grader

Richard Green, UK Cheese Grader Bio

I originally came into the cheese world, in 1977 joining the lovely sounding Crump, Way and Sons, whom were marketing agents for farmhouse cheddar cheese at what was at the time the Milk Marketing Board’s largest traditional cheese store in Europe, situated on the edge of England’s smallest city of Wells, in Somerset.

I quickly rose up from the ranks of a store man to being a Cheese Grader, assessing the quality of around 30 or so Fa

The LAST West Country Cheddar Cheese Makers

The LAST West Country Cheddar Cheese Makers

rmhouse Cheese makers Limited members cheese. The most important factor being that you had to have a good sense of smell, more so on a typical day back then, we could be looking at 200 or more cheeses a day.  

From 1977 to 2013, I got to know the Green family very well, and when the Milk Marketing Board and its successor came to an end, I was offered a job to work for Greens, while at the same time working part time to grade and assess the likes of the Keen and Montgomery families cheeses.

Away from the cheese world, I am still just much a traditionalist supporting our markets, fairs and customs in the city of Wells, and one year raising money for a local charity, we were bet we could not raise a £1,000 for two Councillors to ride a huge towering 100 foot ride at our annual May Fair, but to their surprise I did, and the fun and publicity was great for us watching but for the Mayor and his guest they were a little worse for the wear !  

Since I have been semi retired, when I get time I enjoy writing, and appropriately I have had just published not only my 40 years in the farmhouse cheddar industry, but a history of how only 10 family makers remain from over 1,000, with George Keen, kindly doing the Foreword, for the book entitled, The LAST West Country Cheddar Cheese Makers’ which is available in both e  book and print from Indigo Dreams and published by Tamar Books.

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