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Culture Magazine’s “Cheese Facts” and “Cheese Science”

Culture Magazine’s “Cheese Facts” and “Cheese Science” Updated April 24, 2016 with 50+ new  facts and science from Culture Magazine. In addition to being a Cheese Junkie; I’m also a Twitter Junkie… yes… I admit it… I love Twitter and one of my favorite feeds is Culture Magazine and their “Cheese Facts” and “Cheese Science”

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Meet Emilio Mignucci, New Guilde Internationale des Fromagers Inductee

In addition to the ACS Cheese Competition (which I will cover tomorrow), another important event is meeting the new Inductees into Guilde Internationale des Fromagers. Yesterday, in Providence, one of the new inductees recognized was Di Bruno Brothers‘ Emilio Mignucci and ACS Board of Directors member. We met in Madison in 2013, when I sat

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Increasing Your Cheese IQ – Just the Facts

Since becoming an ACS Certified Cheese Professional™ in 2013, I have dedicated my “cheese time” to providing accurate cheese information to assist those taking the exam and those that simply want to increase their Cheese IQ. These are links to information I have been researching and creating to assist you in your cheese journey: 210

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