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Collier’s Powerful Welsh Cheddar

Vegetarian-Suitable – Made using a microbial rennet In Wales, the coal miners were called “Colliers”; a sturdy group of men who worked the mines in semi-darkness and hard conditions. Collier’s Powerful Welsh Cheddar is named after these brave men who daily risked their lives and considered cheese a staple of their diet; particularly their midday

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It Ain’t Heavy… It’s My BeemsterLite

The Lady and I agree that most reduced-fat cheeses also suffer from reduced taste; but not BeemsterLite. You’d never know it has 50% less fat than a regular Gouda… seriously this is a very tasty cheese. The Lady brought a wedge home and I had to fight The Man paw-to-paw and if it weren’t for

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Cheese 101: “Everyday” Cheeses

Like most cheesemongers we had a cheese drawer in the fridge (recently, we “upgraded” to our own fridge just for cheese) filled with various cheeses that are acquired through samples sent our way and cheeses The Lady buys to taste and get to know. She also visits cheese shops and combs through their markdown baskets*

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