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Raw vs. Pasteurized: Cheese Professionals Chime In

Raw vs. Pasteurized has been a topic of vigorous discussion in the US Cheese Community for decades. 2014 brought passionate discussions following new regulation interpretations by the US FDA. Many popular European raw milk cheeses were delayed or held indefinitely by US Customs, creating havoc at cheese counters… and annoying cheese lovers nationwide. The controversy

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Hanging with the Cheese Swells at DPI’s Specialty Foods’ Western Food Show

What a fun day at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland! DPI Specialty Foods, a national specialty food distributor, sponsored a food show and I was lucky enough to be invited. This was my second DPI Food Show (you can read about my first DPI Food Show by clicking here); a chance to hangout with

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DPI: Spaulding Gray is Calling You Out

As most of you know by now, this feline foodie says what’s on his mind…but I was surprised to learn that DPI had blocked my blog from viewing by its employees… I understand the concept of internet filters but what could I have possibly said that offended DPI’s filter or was of such a sexual nature

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