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The Beemster Cheese Family

  The Lady was thrilled this week when three varieties of Beemster Cheese arrived at her Kiosk: the twenty-six month aged “XO”; the sublime “Vlaskass” and the delightful mustard-seeded “Mustard Seed”. All three became the centerpiece of the Gouda section of her Kiosk.   The Beemsters (Note they are sitting next to The Lady’s most-favored

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Encouraging and Nurturing the Next Generation of Foodies

The Lady really loves her career working at the Cheese Kiosk and that makes both The Man and The Cat very happy. When The Lady is happy she smiles and sings more (if only she could carry a tune, oh well, she tries…) and working in the Cheese Kiosk means she brings more cheese home for The

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Cablanca Goat Gouda

Vegetarian – Suitable As I have mentioned before, The Lady doesn’t much care for goat cheese. She says it is “too goaty”…hmm, imagine that. But she brought one home that she likes and ta da…so do I. It is Cablanca Goat Gouda from Holland. It is a chalky white (think houses along the Mediterranean Sea

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