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Shout Out to Kurt, Jena and Brad at Beecher’s Handmade Cheeses

This is the 100th post by this feline foodie, with thanks to The Lady who helps me with my spelling… The Lady asked me to send a shout out to the kind folks at Beecher’s Handmade Cheese in Seattle!! She was thrilled to receive the inscribed (by Kurt) “Pure Flavor” cookbook and the spices as a

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The BelGioioso Family of Cheeses – Part Three – Cheeses You Don’t Use Everyday

T Minus 2 Days and Counting…The Lady isn’t sleeping…she claims it’s the excitement of traveling; but I prefer to believe it is anxiety over the repercussions she might encounter in the event she leaves The Cat behind…a feline scorned is…well anyone who has ever been owned by a cat knows what happens when you annoy

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Beecher’s Flagship Reserve

T Minus Three Days and Counting…You can Still Vote by clicking here…please send this feline foodie to Wisconsin…yes, I still live with what The Lady likes to call my “misguided perception” that the manse is run like a democracy…hope springs eternal… A day The Lady had been awaiting finally arrived on Thursday when The Beecher’s

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