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Come Join Us at Blue Haven Bee for Wine, Mead and Cheese – POSTPONED

EVENT IS POSTPONED UNTIL JANUARY – I’ll be hosting a Holiday Evening of Cheese, Wine and Mead Pairings with Blue Haven Bee Company. We’ll be pairing five cheeses plus a special Baked Brie Bite with Southern Origin Meads, Northeast Georgia wines and finish with a split of Italian Prosecco for each guest. The plate will

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50 Cheeses You Must Know

In the past, I compiled two lists of cheeses you need to know: 281 Cheeses You Need to Know and 165 More Cheeses You Should Know. With the assistance and input of the Administrators of the FB Cheese Study Group, I compiled this list of the 50 Cheeses every Cheesemonger and Cheese Enthusiast MUST know. Many

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Cheese of the Day: May 1 – Books on Cheddar

In the US, when you say cheese, the first one that normally comes to mind is Cheddar; that ubiquitous cheese that “says cheese”!! Cheddar’s roots go back to England and the area around the small hamlet of Cheddar. Not surprisingly, the first immigrant cheesemakers made the cheese of their homeland, Cheddar. There are two books

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