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Coombe Castle Cheese Board

Many of the cheeses I love the most have their roots in England where Cheddar was first created and sold in early farmers’ markets around the town of Cheddar. Recently I received a few cheeses from Coombe Castle and I shared them with family at a birthday celebration in Vancouver while The Man and I

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Marcella’s Excellent Cheese Adventure – A look at 2014

2014 brought more travel in the first half and transition in the second half. Here is a slideshow look at 2014: Cheeses I tasted; Places I visited; Cheese Swells and Friends I saw and met along the way… Next week, I begin showcasing Cheese Professionals including Mongers, Brokers, Vendors, ACS CCPs, Advocates, Ambassadors and Cheesemakers from

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World Cheese Awards 2014 – Select Winners

The 2014 World Cheese Awards concluded last week in London with the crowning of Bath Soft Cheese‘s Bath Blue taking home the top honor of “World Champion” aka “The World’s Best Cheese”. Jasper Hill Farm’s Bayley Hazen Blue took home “World’s Best Unpasteurized Cheese”. It’s somewhat ironic that BHB won that award, considering recent draconian

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