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World Cheese Awards 2014 – Select Winners

The 2014 World Cheese Awards concluded last week in London with the crowning of Bath Soft Cheese‘s Bath Blue taking home the top honor of “World Champion” aka “The World’s Best Cheese”. Jasper Hill Farm’s Bayley Hazen Blue took home “World’s Best Unpasteurized Cheese”. It’s somewhat ironic that BHB won that award, considering recent draconian

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Westminster’s “Royal Addition” Cheddar

Updated 6/25/2013 with additional information from Alan Jenkins of Somerdale – see below: You’ve got to give some extra kudos to the English; they love their Royals. And why not… some “decent” jewelry, some “nice” couture for the Ladies, juicy scandal that has spanned most of the 20th Century (remember Wallace Simpson… long before Charles

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Nathan’s “I’ve Always Loved You” Cheese Plate

One of The Lady’s BCFF is Nathan, who heads up the Murray’s Cheese training program for Kroger. This  means The Lady and Nathan get to work together and occasionally hangout. For The Lady, it’s a special relationship; one she cherishes. Nathan is a young man (Ladies, he’s available…) with an old soul and a sense

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