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A Trio of Welsh Cheeses from Abergavenny Fine Foods

Vegetarian-Suitable On the island adjacent to the cheese kiosk, The Lady carries three pre-packaged Welsh cheeses from the English producer, Abergavenny Fine Foods and exported to the US by Somerdale International. The cheese is packed in a parchment paper, weighs approximately 7ounces and retails for $9.99. Tintern Traditionally, this cheese is produced in wheels coated

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Greens of Glastonbury Organic Mature Cheddar

Vegetarian-Suitable Rennet Reviewing this English Cheddar got buried under a pile of other reviews… my apology to the folks who make this terrific cheese… cheese happens… When The Lady began her second career as a cheesemonger, this cheese was part of the kiosk schematic… sadly over time, it went away… It had nothing to do

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Yorkshire Wensleydale in Final Stages to Obtain Coveted Protected Status

Wensleydale, a white, crumbly cheese with a grassy tang, made at the Wensleydale Creamery at Hawes, North Yorkshire has entered the final stage to secure “Protected Geographical Indication” (PGI) status. Currently, this is the only creamery producing “Yorkshire Wensleydale”. If approved, other creameries in the protected area would be allowed to produce this cheese using the

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