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Facerock Creamery Clothbound Cheddar

In the spirit of helping me with my Kelly’s Jelly pairings’ project, the good folks at Facerock Creamery sent me a wedge of their Clothbound Cheddar… oh my… what an elegant, traditional cheddar. American-produced Cheddar Cheese got a bad name due in part to the industrialization of cheese manufacturing in the 1800s. It especially pissed

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Sartori Cheeses, Creminelli Meats and Kelly’s Jellies “Get Together” in Lavonia

Disclaimer: I am now a part of Oregon-based Kelly’s Jelly; having joined as National Ambassador to do my part to introduce Kelly’s Jellies to everyone in the United States… one schmear at a time… My first task as National Ambassador is to prepare a pairings’ chart using cheeses and meats to accentuate which jellies pair

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