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Moon Cheese Debuts in the Pacific Northwest

On Spaulding’s unfinished “To Do” list was a cryptic note that simply said “Moon Cheese”… for weeks The Man and I puzzled over this note. Was the Feline Foodie pondering if the moon was really made of cheese; was he thinking of introducing cheese at an unknown-to-man colony on the moon of felines he knew;

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Grilled Cheese Meets French Toast

I was thinking grilled cheese for lunch today when The Man asked for French Toast and bacon… hmmm… what to do… so I decided to combine these two classics and create a grilled cheese made using French Toast for the bread, using Comte, of course. Here’s what I did:

Major Kudos for Alaska Airline’s Cheese and Fruit Plate

Flying back from Anchorage yesterday The Man and I decided to throw caution to the wind and order airline food, a scary proposition at best… imagine our surprise to discover a triangle of Beecher’s Flagship, two triangles of Tillamook Extra Sharp Cheddar (sitting on SG’s unfinished “To Do” list of reviews) and a nice wedge

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