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Salt Spring Island Fresh Flower Chevre… Hello, Gorgeous…

  UPDATED: 2/12/2015: You can win a Four-Pack of Valley Fig’s Orchard Choice Fig Spreads which I paired with this lovely chevre. Please enter below.  Last month while visiting Vancouver’s local cheese shops (in Washington State), at Chuck’s Produce I discovered some gorgeous chevres from British Columbia’s Salt Spring Island Cheese. I think all cheese

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Vermont Butter and Cheese…and The “Smoking Incident”

  The Lady has no sense of humor; nor does she understand the scope of the work I do here on Earth for The Brain. I asked to go out a couple nights ago; returned with the smell of cigarette smoke in my fur and The Lady grounded me. She accused me of doing something

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Hard Goat’s Cheddar

  Before I begin, a special “shout out” to Michael from Beemster Cheeses  – I am having so much fun with the three Beemster mice you sent me via The Lady for my enjoyment. The Lady tosses them down the tile hallway and my chasing them amuses The Lady and The Man…humans…it doesn’t take a lot, does it?

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